Partner: SAS

Project: Co-develop Algebra I course aligned to Common Core standards and freely available worldwide

Partner: NC Museum of Art

Project: Grant to develop online art courses to increase access to arts education across the state. Courses include:

  • Visual Arts Specialization (Intermediate): Art of Photography (NCMA helped revision from content originally developed by NCVPS Art Teachers. )
  • Visual Arts Specialization (Intermediate): Art of Game Design
  • Visual Arts Specialization (Intermediate): Art of Persuasion (Will be changing to Art of Advertising)
  • Visual Arts Specialization (Intermediate): Art of Videography
  • Visual Arts Specialization (Intermediate): Art of Fashion Design

Partner: Kentucky Virtual

Project: Mandarin Chinese Course Exchange and Revision Collaboration

Partner: NC Museum of Science

Project: Incorporate museum resources into NCVPS science courses. Examples include citizen science. One day each semester will be declared NCVPS day at the museum – March 16 is next date

Partner: NCSU Science House

Project: Incorporate NCSU Science House resources into NCVPS science courses. Assisting in teacher recruitment of high need science areas (example: AP Physics). Assisting us in sponsoring one of the first virtual Science Olympiad teams.

Partner:Fayetteville State University, East Carolina University, Western Carolina University, and NC School of Science and Math

Project: Reviewed and provided feedback on course content as developed. Provided research materials for developers to gleen from.

Partner: NC State Bureau of Investigations Staff Member

Project: Provided feedback on Forensic Science standards.

Partner: College Foundation of North Carolina

Provided guidance on tools to use from CFNC. Outlined access levels in LEAs for student data.

Project: Race to the Top

Partner: Oklahoma State University

Project: Supply German 1, 2, 3, 4 and AP to NCVPS Students

Partner: State Virtual School Leadership Alliance

Project: State Virtual School Leadership Collaborative non-profit, SVSLA Course Swap, SVSLA Marketing Group, Collaborative Committees on Advocacy, Joint research, College and career readiness, and Competition.

Possible Future Partner: NC DENR, Division of Air Quality

Project: The Division of Air Quality will have sole rights to the “It’s Our Air” program as of next year. They are also working to expand and refine the modules, activities, and lesson plans. This could be a great, free, (no copy rights to worry about) source of content for NCVPS and a great way for the Division of Air Quality to get their messages out to classrooms.

Possible Future Partner: ECU-Dept. of Geological Sciences, Assoc. Professor & Graduate Program Director, Terri Woods

Project: Terri Woods created an online Earth Science course for her classes and is sharing them with as many NC teachers as she can. The resources could potentially serve as an on-line, textbook/lab manual for high-school earth science and should be useful as a reference for all teachers of earth science. NCVPS is allowed to use these materials to build upon to meet the NCVPS course and instructional design standards.

Partner: Exceptional Children Division at Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

Project: Continued Collaboration for NCVPS OCS Course Development and possible new blended courses for EC (Algebra 1), Discussions for accessibility options for DHH and VI students to access NCVPS Courses, Collaboration for development of a virtual RtI framework to integrate into the online environment.

Partner: Hawaii Department of Education E-Sschools

Project: Shared our policies, procedures, expectations, programs, teacher training, peer tutoring center, etc. during a series of virtual meetings. They report “we have been busy implementing programs as a result of our discussions.”

Partner: Honor Wilson-Fletcher, Chief Executive, The Aldridge Foundation (England)

Project: Sharing OCS Blended Program to potentially be implemented in England.