NCVirtual Parent Newsletter

For parents, mentors, and facilitators.

Greetings, parents, facilitators, and mentors!

Classes are underway, and we would like to welcome you to the NCVirtual family. We have over 35,000 registrations so far this year, and we would like to thank the schools, parents, and students who have entrusted the state’s virtual school with their education. We are honored to teach and serve!

If you’re not familiar with us . . . .

We are the state’s official online school with over 50,000 enrollments each year.  We deliver high-quality online courses that are taught by certified North Carolina teachers to students from across the state regardless of their zip codes.

Your local school district may have its own online school where students from your district can enroll and take classes with a district teacher. We are not that. We are part of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Future updates will keep you apprised of programs, highlight enrichment opportunities, and provide tips to make the most of your child’s online learning experience. We will also bring you NCVirtual news and updates.

For The Students

Pass this along to the students in your home, classroom, lab, or wherever you might be.

Students had access to their courses on the first day of class. They must get their usernames and passwords from their schools. NCVirtual does not issue username and passwords. Be sure students are logging in here: Students registered after the start date will have access within 24 hours.

If students are unsure how to begin, have them start on our Getting Started as an NCVirtual Student page. 

Students cannot access their courses or see grades through this app. However, they can through the Canvas Student app. Click on the NCVirtual on Mobile tab on the Getting Started page for details.

NCVirtual App

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