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For parents, mentors, and facilitators.

Hello again, everyone!

Our parent updates are designed for parents, mentors, facilitators, older siblings, and anyone who has an interest in helping an NCVirtual student. We consider you our +1, and we are happy to have you in our support network!  

We want to tell you more about our NCVirtual teachers. 

First off, we are not a software program. 

Our courses are teacher-driven. Our teachers are at the heart of what we do. Every teacher is certified in North Carolina and has met the “highly qualified standard” established by the Department of Public Instruction before they can apply to teach with NCVirtual. 

NCVirtual teachers must also complete our 16-week online training course before they can teach with us. They are as well-prepared as any online teacher in the nation. 

Our teachers are highly proficient in the use of modern technology tools for teaching and learning. They are also highly effective online communicators. You will hear routinely from your child’s teachers, and be sure to check out the teacher feedback on our child’s assignments. Authentic feedback is one of our core principles, and we believe in teaching through feedback.

Contact the Teacher

It’s time you meet your child’s NCVirtual teacher!  You can find your teacher’s contact information in two ways. First, start with your child. On the homepage of every course, is a “Meet Your Teacher” button. 

Meet Your Teacher button

Click the “Meet Your Teacher” button to find the instructor’s email, phone, and office hours. You can also contact the school that registered your child. They have access to the teacher contact information in an enrollment report. 

Reach out to your child’s NCVirtual teacher today. Let them know anything about your child you think they should know.  

Have a great day, and we will be back soon!

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