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decorative image of computer screen and teacherLet us provide the technology, content, training, and support to help your district develop its own virtual program! It’s perfect for your remote learning plan.

NCVirtual launched its Partnership Course Program this year with tremendous success, and we are ready to expand statewide. This program allows districts to expand their online course options while using their local teachers. Districts can enter a partnership agreement by purchasing enrollments in a select number of NCVirtual courses that are certified by Quality Matters. The cost is $109 per enrollment.

The plan is simple. We provide the technology, content, training, and support while districts provide their own teachers. This structure supports districts that are developing or want to develop their own virtual program. It provides districts with more local control over how to implement and manage their virtual programs.


Districts will immediately have more flexibility. Classes can start and finish when local administrators want them to. Advisors can add students to courses when they want to add them. Principals can get grades when they want grades.

Remote Learning


Partnership courses can be an essential element in a district’s remote learning plan.


for Students

The program features a catalog of nationally recognized Quality Matters certified courses, fully aligned with NC Standards.


for Schools

Districts can expand digital resources and the reach of highly effective teachers across multiple schools.

and Support

The program includes the NCVirtual learning management system, registration system, and support through our Virtual Support Center and Peer Tutoring Center.

of Learning

Teachers will take valuable digital instructional skills back to their traditional classrooms.

student with diploma and graduation capHere’s how it works:

Your designated district administrator selects local teachers who our staff will train in the best practices of online instruction. Your teachers then gain access to our courses that are aligned to NC Standards. They can then teach online across your district or in a blended environment in their own classroom. 

Students are registered on our registration system. Courses are taught in our instance of Canvas, our learning management system. Your teachers and district administrator have access to our Virtual Support Center and students receive access to our Peer Tutoring Center and Virtual Buddies program. 

Administrators can log in to Canvas, observe the course, and see how students are performing at any time. With our Intelliboard™ integration, leaders will have the data analytics to focus on assessment, completion, retention, engagement, and much more. Districts have no additional costs for their enrolled students to access any of the licensed proprietary content in our partnership courses.

“We are pleased with the way the Partnership courses are completely aligned to NC state standards. Other programs did not have a curriculum that was robust enough to support student learning. This was confirmed by their results on End-of-course tests and NC Final Exams. We are excited to have this option and what it has meant for our math teacher. NCVirtual Partnership Courses will continue to be our primary course platform for our students.”


~ Stephanie Hood, Ed.S., Principal, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual High School

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You can request more information by filling out an interest form. Once you are ready to move forward, click the button below to submit an application. When your application is received, a Partnership Liaison will contact you.

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