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We digitally maintain all of our printable guides online, but we know having paper handouts and can be a valuable resource for students, facilitators, and e-learning advisors. Please print our guides below for use at your school or at home.

Printable Guides for Schools and Facilitators

NCVPS Quick Registration Guide

NCVPS Quick Registration Guide for OCS and Co-Taught Courses

NCVPS Facilitator’s Guide

Guide for Accessing NCVPS Enrollment Reports (Enrollment reports provide student enrollment status, student usernames and passwords, teacher contact information, and teacher SAR data.)

Guide for Accessing Grade Reports and No-Show Reports

NCVPS Student Enrollment & Access Guide

Printable Guides for Students, Parents, and Mentors

Getting Started Checklist for NCVPS Students

NCVPS Student Start-Up Guide

NCVPS Student Success Guide 

Student Help Guide

Supporting Students – A Guide for Parents and Mentors

Online Resources

Explore the following guides online for additional details.

Logging In and Getting Started Video

Getting Started for Students

Getting Started for Schools

Student-Parent Handbook

Lab Facilitator’s Guide