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NCVirtual Quick Reference Guides

Student and Parent Resources

Student Resource Center

If you are new to our program or are interested in finding out more about NCVirtual, visit our Student Resource Center.

Getting Started as an NCVirtual Student

Before or on your first day of class, check out our Getting Started as an NCVirtual Student page. We have step-by-step guides to take you through the opening day and beyond

Student Help

Need some help? We have a lot for you. Visit our Student Help page to get the right help that you need.

Parent Resources

Please visit our Parent Resources page for details on enrollment, how our program works, and help you can help your children in their courses.

Parent App and Portal

Parents can access their child’s courses through a mobile app or web portal. Visit our Parent App and Portal page to see how.

Printable Guides

See our Printable Guides to get resources for everything you’ll need in your NCVirtual courses.

Home and Private Schools

Home and private school parents can enroll their children in NCVirtual courses. See our Home and Private Schools page for details.

Getting Started for Schools & Basic Operations

New to NCVirtual

See our Just-in-Time Matrix to see how your role in your district or school can help with NCVirtual. We have details for advisors, facilitators, tech directors, CFOs, and more.

Roles and Responsibilities

Our School and District Roles and Responsibilities Guide provides an overview of what counselors, administrators, data managers, and facilitators should be prepared to do.

Getting Started for Schools

See our Getting Started for Schools guide to find all the details for your school-level advisors, administrators, and facilitators.

Weeks 1 and 2 Access Check

Our Week 1-2 Access Check guide details for the first two weeks of class. Learn about our No-Show Reports and what your enrollment options are.

Semester Success

Our Semester Success guide provides all details that you can follow throughout the semester to ensure your students are successful.

Opening a Help Ticket

See our Virtual Support Center to open a help desk ticket. Our Virtual Support Center Guide will help you with the process.

Outreach Office Hours

The Outreach and Support team maintains online office hours from noon to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Visit our NCVirtual Lunch Hour page to join the online meeting.

NCVirtual and EVAAS

NCVirtual does its own verification for NCVirtual students in EVAAS. We split the co-taught courses with the classroom teacher. See our NCVirtual and EVAAS Rosters Guide for details.

End of Semester Reminders

Our End-of-Semester Tips and Reminders guide shows all the processes you want to follow at the end of the semester to ensure a successful close.

Registration and Reporting


Watch our short registration video. Also, see our How-To Playlist of registration videos.

View or print our  Quick Registration Guide.

OCS Registration

Watch our OCS registration video.

View or Print our OCS Registration Guide.


Co-Teaching Registration

Watch our Co-Teaching registration video.

View or print our Co-Teaching Registration Guide.

Dropping and Withdrawing Students

View or print our Drops and Withdrawals Guide.

Transfer Students

Visit our Transfer Students Guide for details on how to transfer in students after the tenth day of class.

Reporting Grades and Enrollments

View or print our Guide for Accessing Enrollment Reports.

View or print our Guide for Accessing Grade and No-Show Reports.

District Resources

Building Your Partnership with NCVirtual

Ready to get the most out of partnering with NCVirtual? Visit our Partnership page to see how districts across the state are using our services. 

Partnership Course Program

We supply the courses. You supply the teachers. Visit our Partnership Course Program page to learn more.

District Access in the Registration System

Watch our District Access Registration video.

Resetting School Passwords

See our guide for Resetting School Passwords Guide.

School Resources

Course Descriptions

View our Course Descriptions Guide for see course codes, prerequisites, textbooks, and materials. 

Grades and Testing

Visit our Grades and Testing Guide to see how we weight grades and details on state-testing administration. 

IEP and 504 Guides

Visit our Special Education/504 Services page for details on how we provide EC services. 

Updating School and ELA Contact Information

It’s essential that our teachers have a school ELA’s contact information. See our ELA Contact Information Guide for details on how to update your contact info.

The NCAA & NCVPS Courses

NCVirtual is in the NCAA’s Eligibility Center. See our NCAA Guide for help.

High School Credit for Middle School Students

Middle-school students may take select courses for high school credit. See our Middle School Guide for details.