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Semester Success Guide

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We have several processes that schools should follow throughout the semester to help students have greater success in NCVPS courses. Check out these four support features:

1. Ensure Students Have a Successful Start

Direct students to our Getting Started as an NCVPS Student web page. This page guides students step-by-step through the initial days of their course. They will find valuable resources for reading, viewing, and printing on the Getting Started page.

2. Printable Guides and Checklists

Check out our printable guides and other online resources for school ELAs, students, parents, and mentors.

See our Printable NCVPS Guides for all the details.

3. Check Grade Reports

Check the registration system for progress reports. We post progress reports every two weeks in the registration system. If you have questions about a student’s performance between grade postings, email the student’s teacher directly for an update. We will continue to post our grades into the registration system until we are integrated with PowerSchool.

See our calendar for exact dates of grade postings. See our Guide for Accessing Grade Reports.

4. NCVPS Help

Districts, schools, and students have several places to seek help. Determine which of the following resource you need:

NCVPS Virtual Support Center – Get all your questions answered and problems solved here. Students, e-learning advisors (ELAs), school and district staff personnel, and parents can all use the Support Center.  If you are opening a ticket for student help, be sure to include the student’s name, PowerSchool ID number, and your school name. If your ticket is about a specific course, please include the course name and teacher name.

Student Help – If students are having any problems at all, they aren’t sure where to find help, they should visit our Student Help page. They are never more than 2 clicks away from help!

5. Interventions for Low-Performing Students

If you have students who are low-performing, under-performing, or at-risk for any reason, NCVPS has a number of intervention strategies for districts and school to follow. Visit our Intervention Strategies page for details.

6. Be Aware of Current Enrollment Options

We can help schools with enrollments throughout the semester. Even after our regular enrollment period ends, we have these options available:

Transfer Students – We can accept transfer students after regular enrollment has ended. Transfer students must be enrolled in the class at the face-to-face school, have seat time with an instructor, and have a passing grade to transfer in with. We must also have an available seat in the course to accommodate the transfer. Contact the Virtual Support Center to transfer students. Be sure to include the following in your ticket:

  • student’s name
  • PowerSchool ID#
  • school name
  • transfer grade
  • course needed
  • any student details that can help the NCVPS teacher

Transfer options will remain open through midterms each semester.

OCS Enrollments – We can still enroll OCS students into existing sections. We can’t open new OCS sections for schools, though.

Emergency Requests – If you’ve worked with NCVirtual in the past, you know that we always try to help seniors and students in emergency situations or with special needs. Open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center if you have a special situation.