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NOTE: The Locally Developed Math Elective replaces the Algebra 1 Part A course and will give the students 1 elective credit. The Math 1 course replaces the Algebra 1 Part B course and will give the students the Math 1 credit and trigger the Math 1 EOC. Students must take the Locally Developed Math Elective before taking Math 1.

All course descriptions can be found here.

English 9210BX0 English I Block 1 Blackboard
English 9211BX0 English II Block 1 Blackboard
English 9212BX0 English III Block 1 Blackboard
English 9213BX0 English IV Block 1 Blackboard
Math 28002X0 Locally Developed Math Elective Block 1 Blackboard
Math 9221BX0 Math 1 Block 1 Blackboard
Math 9222BX0 Financial Management Block 1 Blackboard
Math 9220BX0 Introduction to Math Block 1 Blackboard
Science 9232BX0 Biology Block 1 Blackboard
Science 9231BX0 Applied Science Block 1 Blackboard
Social Studies 9247BX0 American History I Block 1 Blackboard
Social Studies 9248BX0 American History II Block 1 Blackboard

NOTE: To assist LEAs in monitoring who to assess using the end-of-course test and which students have EOC scores of Achievement Level III or IV on record, NCDPI included a new feature in the latest release of the ABCTools accountability software. The report entitled Students Repeating a Course and Membership/Course Codes will assist LEAs in making testing determinations. There is no additional coding necessary.