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Students and Parents

What is required to be successful?

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Your study habits and skills will play a critical role in your success. You will need to be able to turn off the television, ignore distractions, and concentrate on your work. You will find that the act of writing demands greater reflection than speaking, and reading class material is different from reading a newspaper.

Your interaction with your instructor and your classmates will also play an important role in online course. Practicing good “Netiquette” is essential when communicating from a distance because body language clues cannot help convey your message.

  • Students need to possess strong reading and comprehension skills.
  • Students need to feel confident in their ability to express thoughts and ideas in writing.
  • Students need to be proficient at monitoring their own progress, keeping up with assignments, and meeting deadlines.

Today we all live extremely busy lives that often include obligations beyond school. When competing demands place stress on learners, they may be tempted to place study “on the back burner.” However, to succeed in an online course, learners must be able to devote a significant amount of time to studying and completing assignments. Before beginning an online course, it would be useful to examine the demands on your schedule and the requirements for success in online learning.

  • Students need to have a quiet and personal space for studying that is free from distractions such as television.
  • Students taking online classes from home need to have reliable Internet access.
  • Students need to have friends and family members that are supportive of the decision to take an online course.

It is expected that the teacher will maintain a constant communication with students and adjust instruction as needed to increase the probability that students will master the content. Estimated time commitment for students is a minimum of 3-4 hours each day.