Summer Session Guide for Schools 2021

Program Overview

Summer school with NCVirtual is a fast-paced program. An entire 18-week course is taught in just 6 weeks. Students will spend 2-4 hours each day, Monday through Friday, working on their courses, and just like at a traditional school, there is often work over the weekend, too. Students must have daily access to the internet for the duration of summer school. There are no exceptions made for students who attend camps or go on vacations where they do not have access to the internet. Due to the workload, we recommend that students only take one NCVirtual course over the summer, especially if the student has not had an online course before. Students are much more successful in our summer program if they only take one course. Students can work on our courses any time during the day or night, 24/7. They just need to pay close attention to the due dates for the assignments, tests, and quizzes. Students can also work from any location as long as they have access to their classes for 2-4 hours a day.

Summer Budget

Allotments from Summer 2021 come from your NEW allotment totals for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Summer Contact Information

Districts and schools need to identify their summer contacts. Please complete our Summer Contact Information Form. NCVirtual needs the contact information for each school that registers students for Summer 2021 classes. Students will need to know who the contact is, as well. Students can drop through our 10th day of class, and they need to know who to contact at the school or at the district level so that they can be dropped. Districts may elect to have just one contact for the entire district over the summer. Presently, you may not have any students enrolled in NCVirtual summer courses, but if your school does enroll students in the coming weeks for Summer 2021, we will need this information. If districts have their school-level ELA contact information in an Excel document, they can copy and paste that into the contact box on the link above.

Important Dates

Start Date: Thursday, July 1

Last Day to Register: Thursday, July 8

Last Day to Drop: Thursday, July 15

End Date: Wednesday, August 11

Grades Posted: Thursday, August 19 

See our NCVPS Calendar for full details.

Registration Details

Enroll students through the NCVirtual registration system. If you need access, contact our Virtual Support Center. Please remember that there is only one login per school. If your school already has access, you will need to share the login username and password. If you are new to the NCVirtual registration system or need a refresher, watch our NCVirtual Registration Video and print our Registration Guide.

Student Course Access

Students must get their login details from their school. NCVirtual does not send usernames or passwords to students. Students will have access to their courses at 7 a.m. on the first day of classes. Before classes begin, students can go through our Canvas Orientation. We also have Pre-Instruction Resources for each class. These resources help students get a better understanding of courses before classes begin.

Getting Started as an NCVPS Student

Have students visit our Getting Started as an NCVPS Student page before classes begin.

Canvas Parent App Parents, facilitators, and mentors and track their student’s progress with the Canvas Parent App. See the full details on our Canvas Parent App and Web Portal page.

NCVPS App Download our NCVPS app to receive notifications on your smartphone. Search for “NCVPS” in the Apple and Android stores. See our App Announcement for details.

Semester Success with NCVirtual

See our Semester Success with NCVirtual page for some sure steps to help you and your students in their NCVirtual classes.

Printable Guides and Checklists

We have a number of printable guides for ELAs, students, and parents. Please be sure students receive these printable guides before they leave for summer.