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Summer Session Guide for Students and Parents

Special Summer Update

Great news! The North Carolina State Board of Education passed a measure that will provide additional funding for NCVirtual’s summer session!  Each district and charter school will receive enrollments paid for by federal ESSER II funds. These funds will cover the cost of enrollments for our summer session. (There is never a cost for public-school parents when their children are enrolled in NCVirtual courses.) If you have a student who needs a summer course, reach out to your local public school for details. 

NCVirtual’s Summer Session Overview 

Why are students so happy with the Summer Session with NCVirtual? Because they’re catching up with their peers at school, knocking out some prerequisites before the new school year, and preparing to graduate early. All from the comfort of their own home!

Here are the key dates for Summer Session 2021:

Start Date: July 1, 2021

Last Day to Add: July 8, 2021

Last Day to Drop: July 15, 2021

End Date: August 11, 2021

Final Grades Posted: August 19, 2021


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Our summer session is a fast-paced program. An entire 18-week course is taught in just 6 weeks. Students will spend about 4 hours a day working in a course. Students can spread out their work throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be in one sitting. Students can work in their NCVirtual courses any time during the day or night, 24/7. They just need to pay close attention to the due dates for their assignments, tests, and quizzes.

Students will need daily access to the internet for the duration of the summer session. They don’t have to miss out on a family trip as long as they have internet access. Students can work ahead a bit, too, to give them extra free time on other days. However, if they’re attending a camp, be sure the camp allows personal time each day for school work.

A certified North Carolina instructor teaches each course. There’s not a specific time to meet with the teacher, but the teacher will have office hours and be available for one-on-one help.

We recommend that students only take one NCVirtual course over the summer, especially if the student has not had an online course before. Students are much more successful in our summer session if they only take one course. We strongly recommend that students take no more than two summer courses because of the workload.


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The Details

Courses Offered: We offer over 75 classes during the summer. See our course catalog for full details.

Grades: We post progress reports every week for schools in our registration system. Parents can use the Canvas app to track their student’s progress.

How to Register: Contact your student’s local North Carolina public school. Each school has access to our registration system, and there is no cost for North Carolina public school parents. If you’re a home-schooled, private school, or out-of-state student, see our Home School & Private School web page for details.

Getting Started: Check out our Getting Started as an NCVirtual Student page. You will find tips on how to prepare before classes begin and how to have a great start in the first week and beyond.

Additional Resources: Visit our Printable Guides page to download all our student start-up and success guides before classes begin.