Outreach and Support Logo

The NCVPS Outreach and Support team is here to help districts, schools, and parents with their e-learning programs. Our team is filled with e-learning specialists. We have crisscrossed the state helping our stakeholders in their online efforts. If you have a problem, we are here to fix it!

Outreach Initiatives 

Let us help you in the following areas:

  • Train new e-learning advisors.
  • Help your district or school establish its own Virtual Academy.
  • Resolve funding issues.
  • Help with teacher loss at a school.
  • Help analyze your district’s NCVPS performance.
  • Help establish student support interventions.
  • Resolve enrollment issues.
  • Assist with home school and private school enrollments.
  • Increase your NCVPS participation.
  • Help establish an e-learning lab at your school.
  • Establish regional PLCs for cross-district collaboration.

For further details, please contact Chris Coby or Adam Renfro. We will find a solution for your problem or develop a plan for your situation with help from our technology, curriculum, and instruction teams.

Virtual Support Center

Our support center is a safe and secure platform that handles requests that involve student data. The support center is quick to respond to routine issues like password resets, grade questions, teacher SAR data, basic enrollment questions, and technology issues. Complex support issues are escalated to the Outreach and Support teams The support center also helps us internally track support requests that we can evaluate for quality and efficiency. Open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center if you have any of these issues.


The outreach team has a number of resources for you. Here’s a short list of what we have:

Start-Up Guide for Schools

Outreach and Support Online Office Hours

Printable Guides

Lab Facilitator’s Guide

Quick Reference Guides

Intervention Strategies

Student Resource Center

Parent Resource Center

Home School and Private School Enrollments

Support Commitment

We are here to help! Let us help your school’s or district’s e-learning efforts. During our travels, and we’ve seen a lot of great programs in place. Let us help you get the most out of your program. Depending on the request, we may need to direct you to our Virtual Support Center. However, if you need the personal touch of our OAS team, please reach out to us directly or ask for us in your support center ticket.