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The TOT (Teacher Online Training) Course is NCVirtual’s FREE professional development program designed to prepare and support educators as they work in online and remote learning environments.


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Course: An Introduction to Online Teaching and Development

This course will focus on the basics of putting content online and the critical strategies for teaching online. 

Course Topics Include:

  • Using the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Adapting & Placing Content Online
  • Student Engagement
  • Making Content Accessible to All Learners.
  • …and much more!
  • Assessment Tools
  • Teacher Talk & Clear Expectations
  • Intellectual Property & Copyright
  • Maintaining an Online Presence
  • Engaging Through Feedback

Course Structure and Duration:

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This course is asynchronous and facilitator-led. Facilitators have many years of experience in online learning and are specially trained to work with educators transitioning to this environment.
* Participants work in cohorts to complete five modules.
* A cohort is 35 to 50 educators.

The course is designed to be completed within a specified 4-week time frame.
* Course takes 20 hours to complete.
* Successful completers will be issued a participation certificate for 2.0 units.

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