Meet Chad Timm!


Courses Taught at NCVPS:

Latin I-III

Additional Jobs:

I owned a CrossFit gym for the last 5 years before selling it to a friend.

Teaching Experience:

I’ve been teaching 12 years, 9 of them online!

Experience as an Online Student:

Only professional development courses

Advice to Online Students:

Strive for consistency in your work habits. Often the biggest lesson learned in an online course is how to self-pace and manage one’s time.

The Internet:

To me, the internet represents work and productivity. I try to get my kicks out of doors and offline!

Gadgets and Things:

I do enjoy reading the news on my iPad, but I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone anymore.

Goals this Year:

I’m trying to build better relationships with students through consistent communication. I like to know my students’ goals, heroes, college plans, and other interests and in turn share mine. I also would like to get an NCVPS-based trip to Italy to happen this summer! We need a couple more to sign up!

Favorite Books:

I do read on my iPad. I’m a sucker for fantasy/sci-fi and one of my favorites is the Shattered Sea Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.

Favorite Music:

I love blues rock, like Led Zeppelin and the Black Keys, but I also love funk and soul, like James Brown and Charles Bradley. Through all of my European travels, I’m opening up to classical as well, such a Vivaldi.

Favorite Shows:

The Big Lebowski.

Interesting Note:

I love to travel and surf. I’ve visited 32 countries and surfed in 7 of them!

The Future of Learning:

I see the changes in the process of learning happening rather slowly. The concept of online learning has been around for quite some time, and while I see it still having room for growth, I think the face-to-face model that’s been around since the beginning of human history will retain its primary role.

Advice to Online Teachers:

Form relationships with students and always stay positive.