If a Vendor can demonstrate that each Advanced Placement (AP) course syllabus has been approved by the College Board then the course will not need to go through a Phase 1 (Course content alignment to State standards and evidence that teacher is certified to teach in North Carolina) review and will proceed directly to a Phase 2 Review (full review). Note: If you have had a previous course approved already, then the respective course moves to a Phase 3 review.

To successfully review the AP course at Phase 1, NCVPS needs the following two pieces of information submitted with documentation for Course and Teacher Quality.

  1. For Course Quality: Documentation that supports the claim that the syllabus has been approved by the College Board. Make reference to this documentation in the Course Quality Document for A2 and A3. Then upload the documentation verifying that the course is certified and approved by the College Board to the respective AP course folder.
  1. For Teacher Quality: Submit documentation that your teacher for the respective AP course has participated in an in-depth Professional Development offered for the specific AP course. The College Board holds these events all over the country in either a week long or weekend long experience. You can add that to the Teacher Quality documentation you submit for A3 and A4 for Teacher Quality and then upload that documentation in the respective AP course folder.

For Submission Steps, return to the Vendor Course Approval Process page.