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Weeks 1 & 2 – Access Check and Enrollment Options

First Day of Class


Create group emails for teachers and establish contact with them. Teacher contact information will be in the enrollment report.
Have students contact their teachers right away. Students can contact their teachers through messaging tools with the course. They can also email their teachers.


Be sure students have their usernames and passwords. Schools must give this login information to students. NCVirtual does not send usernames and passwords to students. Schools can retrieve usernames and passwords by running an enrollment report in the NCVirtual registration system.

Login Issues

  • Be sure that you have your correct username and password. Your school will issue you this login information. NCVirtual does not issue usernames and passwords.
  • NCVirtual uses Canvas for its learning management system. Many schools and districts also use Canvas. NCVirtual has its own Canvas login web address. Be sure you are logging in to your NCVirtual courses at this link:
  • If this is your first time logging in, confirm with your e-learning advisor (ELA) that you are enrolled and not waitlisted.
  • If you were just registered today, it will take 24 hours to get access.
  • If you had an NCVirtual class before in Canvas, and you changed your password, then that is the password that you will need to use.
  • If you still cannot log in, open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center. Be sure to include your name, PowerSchool ID number, school, and course that you’re trying to log in to.
  • If your password has worked before, but you have forgotten it, use the “Forgot Password” feature on the Canvas login page. This will work if you have your correct email address identified in the course settings.

Enrollment Options

  • We will continue to enroll through our 10th day of class. See the NCVirtual Calendar for details.
  • Courses that are “at capacity” are the most difficult to get in. We have no additional teaches for those courses, we can’t open additional sections, and the sections are at max size. Students already enrolled in the course would have to drop for a waitlisted student to get in. Visit our NCVirtual Course Capacity List for details.
  • Courses that have a waitlist but are not at capacity vary in the length of time to get enrolled. Our division directors have to determine if they can open a new section or increase section sizes. Students can be on the waitlist for 1-2 days at this point if there is not a capacity issue.
  • Students are enrolled immediately into courses without a waitlist.

Other Enrollment Notes

  • Students come off the waitlist in the order that they went on the waitlist. First on, first off.
  • Once a student has an “enrolled” status, it will be about 24 hours before the student can access the course.
  • After Day 10, we will start accepting transfer students who meet our transfer criteria.


7th Day of Class

Check the Day-5 No-Show. This report will be posted in the registration system. Students who have not logged in by Day 5 and submitted their first assignment will be identified in this report. (See the sidebar for details.)

Make contact with the students who have not logged in. Determine the next steps for them. If you confirm that the student is not going to take the course, please drop them from the course in the registration system. This will help other students move off the waitlist.

After Day 10, a student’s enrollment will count in your allotment totals.

Please note that NCVPS does not administratively drop students who have not logged in.

10th Day of Class

This is the last day for a student to drop a course(s) without penalty. Remember that the teacher cannot drop the student. The ELA must drop the student in the registration system. Students on the roster after Day 10 will receive a grade and their enrollment will count in your allotment total.

Make contact with your testing coordinator to see when you need to order EOC/CTE/NCFE tests for your students enrolled in courses with state mandated EOC/CTE/NCFEs.

Beyond Day 10

We have enrollment options beyond our tenth day. See the sidebar for details.

We’re not done! We have built-in supports throughout the semester. See our Semester Success with NCVirtual page!


No-Show Reports

Each semester, we post a Day-5 No-Show Report in our registration system. (See our Guide for Accessing Grade Reports.) This report is an early warning notification that identifies students who have not logged into their courses during the first week of classes. We realize some students are registered the same day we generate the report, and they’ve not had a chance to log in yet. That’s not an issue. Other reasons can be problematic, however. If students fail to log in for any of the following reasons, the school should take action:

  • Do not know their username/password
  • Unsure how to log in
  • Unaware they are registered
  • Do not intend to take the course
  • Registered by mistake

Please make contact with students (and their parents) who have not logged in. Determine the next steps for them. Sometimes, students need help getting started, and then they are good from there. If you confirm that the student is not going to take the course, please drop them from the course in the registration system. This will help other students move off the waitlist.

If students need help getting started, we have lots of help for them and for facilitators and parents, too! Visit our Printable Guides page for details.

Enrollment Options

We can help schools with enrollments throughout the semester. Even after our regular enrollment period ended, we have these options available:

Transfer Students – We begin accepting transfer students after our regular enrollment has ended. Transfer students must be enrolled in the class at the face-to-face school and have a grade to transfer in with. Transfers are not for students new to the course. We must also have an available seat in the course to accommodate the transfer request. Open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center to begin the transfer process. Be sure to include the following in your ticket:

  • student’s name
  • PowerSchool ID#
  • school name
  • transfer grade
  • course needed
  • any student details that can help the NCVirtual teacher

Transfer options will remain open through midterms each semester.

OCS Enrollments – You can still enroll OCS students into your existing OCS sections. We can’t open new OCS sections for schools, though. The same is true for your NCVPS intervention courses.

Flex Learning – Not everything fits into a box. We have Flex Learning options available throughout the semester. Flex is designed for students who need flexible calendar options due to their particular circumstances. Visit our Flex Learning page for details on how to enroll.

Next Semester – Registration for 2021-2022 will open in late March. Stay tuned for details!

Funding – If you use all of your allotments and still need to enroll, contact us. You can request access to NCVirtual reserve funds after you’ve exhausted your allotments.