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Workforce Ready is a new elective course offering from NCVPS. The course will launch in the fall of 2018. Workforce Ready is intentionally designed to involve students and make them firsthand participants in a variety of topics.


Course Title: Workforce Ready

Course Code: 96102X0

Department: Electives

Course Launch Date: Fall 2018

Course Description: In this course, students will look at what it means to be prepared for the workforce of the future. They will examine what soft skills employers seek and how to manage workplace communications and conflicts. Students will apply the concept of professionalism, review problem solving and decision making, and learn basic expectations required for a job. By viewing videos of leaders in NC industries, students will gain insight into career clusters and look at how employability skills apply within those industries.

Prerequisites: None

Technical Requirements: Standard NCVPS Technology Requirements

Required, Recommended, or Supplemental Materials: None

Course Specific Getting Started Items: None

Collaboration: Using discussion forums, students will communicate with one another on topics related to employability. Students will also collaborate with their instructor as they build an e-portfolio of information throughout the course to highlight their journey. Instructor feedback will be given on all work.


Leadership and Developer Notes

“The best thing about the Employability course is its ability for personalized learning. Students will be able to create an e-portfolio as they go through the course (housed within Canvas) and reflect on what they have learned at the end of each topic. This course meets our most current standards for development and should be one of the best NCVPS courses yet. The course is timely for students, and they will love it!” –Lisa Ragland, NCVPS Instructional Leader

“Workforce Ready is the answer to an industry issue of young people not being fully equipped to embrace the demands of acquiring and maintaining employment. The course explores all aspects of employability and incorporates timely subjects such as social media, code-switching, and permanence of one’s digital footprint. It is truly a course for EVERY student and will ensure postsecondary career and college readiness.” –Dr. Mia Murphy, Chief Operating Officer