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Drops and Withdrawals

Download the Drop and Withdrawal Guide here or click on the print icon below. See the web version at the end of the page. Return to our Printable Guides page.


NCVirtual Drop and Withdrawal Guide

Dropping Students Before the 10th Day of Class

A school may drop students before classes begin and through the tenth day of the class. Drops through Day 10 will not count in a district’s or charter school’s allotment totals and dropped students will not receive a grade.

Withdrawing Students After the 10th Day of Class

A school may withdraw students after Day 10 and throughout the rest of the semester. Withdrawals will count in a district’s or charter school’s allotment totals, and we will issue the student a W (withdrawal) grade. It’s a local decision if the school records the W grade.

Medical Drops

Students who have a medical, IEP, or 504 condition may be dropped from their courses throughout the semester. The Medical Drop Form is on Page 2 below.

The Drop / Withdrawal Process

Dropping or withdrawing a student is similar to the enrollment process.

Log in to the NCVirtual Registration System

Click on the “Enrollments” Button


Search for the Student’s Course

Use the search box to search for courses. You can also sort by clicking on “Course” or “Semester.”

Click Enroll

Click the “enroll” option next to the course the student is enrolled in. Any section will work, but it must be in the correct semester.

enroll screenshot

Look in the “enrolled” Column

After you click the “enroll” option, you will see two columns: “enrolled” and “not enrolled.” Look in the enrolled column for your student.

Check the Box Next to the Student’s Name and Click “Remove”

Check the box next to the student you want to drop or withdraw. Then click on the “Remove” button. If your action is on or before Day 10, it will be processed as a drop. After Day 10, it will be processed as a withdrawal.

check remove

Check for the “removed” Notification

The student will now appear in the “not enrolled” column.

not enrolled screenshot

If you do not see the “removed” notification, open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center here:

NCVirtual Medical Drop Process

 Open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center: to medically drop a student. Include the following information in the ticket:

 Today’s Date:

 Student’s First Name:

 Student’s Last Name:

 PowerSchool ID Number:


 Teacher’s Name:

 Semester (Fall, Spr, YL, Sum):



 ELA’s name:

 ELA email:

 Principal email:

 Supporting Comments:

 Note: Drops are final. By submitting this information, the principal or his/her designee is approving the drop. Keep a copy of this form at your school for auditing purposes. NOTE: Schools should NOT withdraw a student in the NCVPS registration system if the school is requesting a medical drop for that student. Withdrawing the student will trigger the registration system to count that student’s enrollment at the end of the year AND negate NCVPS from being able to do a medical drop the student because the school has already withdrawn the student.