Super Student Valerie G.Meet Valerie G:

“I have taken Spanish 2 and 3 with NCVPS. I needed to take another language credit to meet my graduation requirements, and then I enjoyed the NCVPS experience and was inspired to continue and take another Spanish course” – Valerie G.

“What a great pleasure was to grade Valerie’s work! She always does something creative, accurate, meeting the expectations, and going beyond with her personal touch. She’s a very open-minded student that imitates the sounds of Spanish when she speaks it to a level that you might even think of her as a native speaker.” – Juan Martin, NCVirtual Spanish 3 Teacher

Valerie’s NCVPS Experience

It advanced my education by allowing me to take full charge of my education and time to create a learning experience that was successful and manageable. It brought out time management skills I didn’t know I had, and it really encouraged me to find new resources and extra information.

Valerie’s Online Learning Advice

Flashcards for vocabulary are very effective, and always reach out to your teachers! They’re your greatest resources in the course.

Valerie’s Semester Goals

A goal I had this semester was to develop better time management skills and find the study methods that work for me. By taking online courses, I was able to explore what note-taking methods worked best, and plan out my time better. I am always looking for new methods to try, and ways to improve my productivity and work.

Valerie’s Future Goals

I would like to be fluent in another language (Spanish), and have traveled a lot. Studying Spanish and study abroad options have allowed me to look into the various cultures of Spanish speaking countries, which motivate me to learn the language and apply the knowledge.

Interesting Note

My favorite author is Madeline Miller. She is the author of The Song of Achilles and Circe, which are the stories of the classical Greek myths, but with a fresh voice and beautiful prose. Her writing style is inspiring to me, and I enjoy learning about the classical myths in a more engaging way than traditional studies. I have also been to 5 of 7 continents.

For Fun

I am on a FIRST Robotics Competition team that I spend most of my free time at, along with practicing classic Bharatanatyam dance. I enjoy volunteering and sharing my love for STEM and computer science.

I’m a member of my school’s Student Council, which I enjoy using to create positive change in my school. I also love participating in FRC, which enables me to volunteer my experience through teaching my peers, as well as inspiring those around me. I am able to learn more about the topics that interest me, and it has helped gain leadership skills that allow me to pass on what I’ve experienced.