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NCVPS Talks Speaker Series

NCVPS Talks is an online speaker series that facilitates a broad range of conversations about current and future topics of online and digital learning.

These focused conversations support the vision of building communities of digital learning leaders fully equipped to embrace the demands of 21st-century learning. 



April 7 – Jake Gellar-Goad – You Can Vote

You Can Vote with Jake Gellar-Goad. This discussion touches on voter registration best practices, how voting works, tips for setting up voter registration drives, how to volunteer with You Can Vote or invite You Can Vote to your space, and why civic engagement is important. 

Jake Gellar-Goad is the Campus Organizing Director with You Can Vote. He received his Master of Public Administration from NC State in 2011. You Can Vote is a 501c3 non partisan nonprofit organization dedicated to voter registration and empowerment. As Campus Organizing Director he works primarily with college campuses across North Carolina and helps out with high schools, too. 

Event Date: April 7, 2020

Event Archive: You Can Vote

February 4 – Melvin Hines – Just Like Me

Just Like Me–Why Creators of Education Technologies Should Mirror Their Users’ Backgrounds. As more resources and dollars get pumped into education technology, how do we know that the creators of our technology understand the users of our technology? This session discussed why it is important for those in education technology to have a connection to the students who are their users.

Melvin Hines is the co-founder and CEO of Upswing, an organization that uses engagement software to help keep online students and adult learners on the path towards graduation.

Event Date: February 4, 2020

Event Archive: Just Like Me

December 11 – Herman Hall – Bringing the World to Our Students

Bringing the World to Our Students. Learn about the Culture Café, a free online lecture series available to all students at NCVPS that helps expose our students to different cultures from across the globe. This session discussed ways to incorportate guest speakers into the virtual class to extend student learning and further engage them in the concepts and culture.

Herman A. Hall IV is a Spanish 1 Teacher with the North Carolina Virtual Public School and Instructional Leader for the Culture Café Program.

Event Date: December 11, 2019 and December 12, 2019

Event Archive: Bringing the World to Our Students

November 12 – Brian Whitson – Design Thinking and Challenge Based Learning

Design Thinking and Challenge Based Learning. Are your students creators of content or simply consumers of content? Join Brian Whitson as he shares how to deepen student engagement and take learning to the next level with Design Thinking and Challenge Based Learning.  Brian brings practical experience guiding teachers and classes through the process of creating real life examples and solving new problems.

Brian Whitson serves NC Virtual as an Instructional Leader for Technology and as a Chemistry instructor.  He is also an instructional technology facilitator at China Grove Middle School.

Event Date: November 12, 2019

Event Archive: Design Thinking and Challenge Based Learning