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NCVirtual Quick Reference Guide
NCVirtual welcomes transfers. Each semester, we help students who started in a traditional classroom course but are now in a situation where they need an online course. 

Conditions for Transfer

The following conditions must be met to proceed with a transfer request.

• NCVirtual is past its tenth day of class. If it is on or before the tenth day, enroll the student as a regular enrollment.

• NCVirtual must have an available seat in the course.

• The prospective transfer students can only transfer into NCVirtual courses for which they are currently enrolled at their local school.

• If the student is not passing their course at the time of transfer, the school should document a support plan that details how the school will provide additional support for the student. The transfer grade and support plan (if necessary) must be included in the transfer-request ticket.

• The prospective transfer student must have an operational computer with Internet access with appropriate software capability at the appropriate site (school, home, hospital, treatment center, etc.).

• The prospective transfer student’s instructor will make an assessment of the transfer student’s knowledge base within the subject matter and will determine the appropriate starting point for the transfer student within the course.

• All transfer requests must be made before the midterm of the course.

The Transfer Process

Open a ticket with the Virtual Support Center and include the following information:

1. State that you are requesting a transfer enrollment.
2. Student’s Name
3. Student’s PowerSchool Number
4. Student’s Email
5. Student’s School & District
6. Course transferring in to
7. Transfer Grade (and support plan if needed)
8. Does the student have an IEP? Does the Student have a 504 Plan?
9. Brief reason for transfer