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In an era of school choice and multiple enrollment options for students, the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) can partner with LEAs to help keep students in your schools. Through various programs of study, course categories, and calendar options, NCVPS can provide districts alternatives to increase student retention through enrollment opportunities not available at a face to face school. NCVPS has over 150 course offerings for students to prepare them to be globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and prepared for life in the 21st Century.

To find out more about how this works and where to start, check out the information below and contact the Virtual Support Center if you have any questions.

The Role of the School and e-Learning Advisor

The Role of the School

First, you need to review the district and school responsibilities before enrolling students.

The e-Learning Advisor

Now you will need to determine who your e-Learning Advisor (ELA) is for your school. The ELA can be an advisor, principal, assistant principal, lab facilitator, etc. Whoever the ELA is, that is the person who our teachers will contact. Note: A number of school staff members will likely be involved a student's online enrollment. If the student has an IEP, your school's EC specialist should be involved. Your data manager will likely be the person who schedules and enters grades into PowerSchool. Your testing coordinator will administer EOC/CTE exams for students who take those courses online with us.

NCVPS Registration System

The Role of the School

You will need access to our registration system until we are integrated with PowerSchool. Your district office can set your password for you in the registration system, or you can contact our Virtual Support Center here:

Note: Each school can only have one username and password login for our registration system.

Registration System Manual

Check out our Registration System Manual or watch this short registration video

Contact Information

Before you register your first student, be sure to update your contact information in the registration system. Remember that this is the contact that our teachers will use if there is an issue with a student. It's essential that we have your contact information!

Course Catalog and Common Mistakes

Before you register, become familiar with our catalogue. We have a lot of choices.

The most common registration mistakes we see are catalog mistakes. You will see fall, spring, yearlong, early calendar, and summer options in the system. Be sure you register students for the right one! All of the early calendar courses begin with the words "early calendar" . . . so you will see "earlycalendarMath1" and also "Math1" which would be on the traditional calendar.

Checklist for Schools

Use our NCVPS Checklist for Schools as a guide for the semester.

Usernames and Passwords

You will see on the Checklist for Schools that one of the steps is to issue students their usernames and passwords. NCVPS does not send students their usernames and passwords. You can find that login information on both the enrollment reports and grade reports.

Grades and Testing

Familiarize yourself with NCVPS's Grading and Testing Quick Reference Guide. Schools will need to test NCVPS students who are enrolled in EOC, CTE, and NCFE courses.

IEP and 504 Information

Also on the checklist you will see that our teachers will contact you regarding students who have IEPs or 504 plans. Our teachers will need to have a phone conservation with you to discuss modifications. The school is still responsible for the IEP. Our teachers will be able to handle some of the modifications, but the school will likely be responsible for others. You can arrange for your school's EC specialist to talk with our teachers.

Supporting Students

Checklists for Students

Download the Getting Started Checklist for NCVPS Students.  After you download the checklist, feel free to modify it to include your school's expectations for students.

Textbooks and Materials

See what textbooks and materials are needed. Click here to see the Course Description, Textbook, and Tech Requirements.   The school and district are responsible for textbooks and meeting tech requirements.  Currently, only AP courses require textbooks, but be sure to check the requirements for each course.

Help and Support

Quick Reference Guides

Be familiar with our Quick Reference Guides. We have a guide for everything!

Virtual Support Center

If something doesn’t work or you need help, contact our Virtual Support Center.

eLA Training Session

If you would like to set up a training session, contact our Virtual Support Center to schedule a training session.