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NCVirtual Quick Reference Guide

School and District Roles and Responsibilities

To enroll students into NCVirtual courses, districts and schools must be prepared to take on the responsibilities listed below.

• Establish an e-learning coordinator (ELC) at the district level who becomes the point of contact for the NCVirtual Staff.

• Establish an e-learning advisor (ELA) who becomes the point of contact for NCVirtual teachers and staff. The ELA is typically a school advisor, but lab facilitators, certified teachers, media specialists, assistant principals, and principals have filled the role, too.

• Register NCVirtual student properly:

• Check our course prerequisites.
• Make sure students are enrolled in the correct course (Early Start, traditional, yearlong, block, standard, honors, AP, etc).
• Issue students their usernames and passwords.

• Be aware of the NCVirtual funding formula and how your district’s or charter school’s allotment works.

• Understand our grading policy.

• Send students to our Getting Started as an NCVirtual Student web page.

• Print and distribute to students the NCVirtual Student Start-Up Guide and the NCVirtual Student Success Guide.
• Be sure students understand the rigors of an NCVirtual online course.

• Follow the NCVirtual Getting Started for Schools Guide throughout the semester.

• Record NCVirtual enrollments in PowerSchool.

• Ensure that students go through the NCVirtual Demo Course before classes begin.

• Ensure students have internet connectivity and computer if they are taking the class outside of school.

• Ensure students have textbooks and materials.

• Ensure NCVirtual instructors are aware of IEP/504s and that the EC specialist at your school is involved with the student’s NCVPS online courses.

• Act as a liaison between students and NCVirtual instructors.

• Assist NCVirtual instructors in contacting students.

• Drop students on or before the tenth day of class if the student is not going to take the course.

• Inform NCVPS if students withdraw from your school or if they transfer to another school.

• Administer EOC, NCFE, and CTE exams.

• Use NCVirtual school code on AP Exams (in addition to your school code).

• Share progress reports with students throughout the semester.

• Record final grades in PowerSchool.