NCVirtual teachers must adhere to the NCVirtual grading guidelines, practices, and procedures, which can be found in our Grading and Testing Quick Reference Guide. NCVirtual teachers cannot adjust their NCVirtual grading guidelines, practices, or procedures based on a local school’s or district’s policy.

Grade Reporting & Testing Highlights

  • Progress reports are posted in the registration system every two weeks during the fall and spring (every week during the summer).
  • Progress reports are not weighted grades. We report one final cumulative grade at the end of the term.
  • Because our progress grades are not weighted, schools should not use them to generate weighted Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 (or your district’s variation) or Midterm and End term report card grades. Most schools only record NCVirtual final grades in PowerSchool.
  • Check the Comments section of the progress report to see if the teacher needs any student information.
  • NCVirtual does not report grades for co-teaching courses (OCS and intervention). The classroom teacher determines the grade.
  • Schools must administer all state exams, CTE certifications, and AP exams.
  • NCVirtual does not cover the cost of CTE certifications or AP exams.
  • NCVirtual reports three grades on its final grade report with the following weights: classwork: 80%, final exam/project: 20%, final average.
  • Schools may recalculate the final overall grade by adjusting the weighting of the final exam/project to align with local policies.

Classwork Grading Highlights

  • NCVirtual teachers give actual grades (0-100) on individual assignments.
  • A zero is entered into the Canvas gradebook if a student has not submitted the work by its due date.
  • Students can submit late work and replace the zero until the module closes.
  • There is no penalty for late work.
  • If students do not submit the assignment by the close of the module, the grade will remain a zero.
  • Note: Some courses have daily due dates, others have weekly due dates, and a few have bi-weekly due dates. Students need to be aware of this and follow the due dates for each course.
  • The school’s ELA should contact the teacher if there are circumstances that prevent the student from working. Our teachers are always willing to work with students in difficult situations, while at the same time keeping them on pace to complete the course.

Exam Exemptions

NCVirtual teachers are expected to give final exams or final projects in non-EOC courses and CTE courses that require teacher-made exams. If your district has a policy to exempt seniors (or others) from final exams, here is the NCVirtual process.

  1. Notify your students and the NCVirtual teachers that your students will not take the final exam based on your district’s or charter school’s policy.
  2. On the NCVirtual final grade report, we report three grades: Classwork (80%), Final Exam (20%), Final Grade.
  3. If your district exempts students from final exams, you will only use the Classwork grade for your student’s final grade.
  4. You will not record our Final Exam grade and the Final Grade for exempted students.
  5. In addition, schools may recalculate the final overall grade by adjusting the weighting of the final exam/project to align with local policies.