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breaking news​Our teachers shared their AP Join Codes with students during the first week of class. If students enrolled late or don’t remember the code, have them ask their NCVirtual teachers again.

AP Exam Registration Process for Online Students

Students taking AP courses through an online provider, such as NCVPS, must be enrolled in 2 AP Classroom sections (on the College Board’s registration site) for each course taken online. (NOTE: Students taking AP courses face-to-face enroll in only one AP Classroom section. This may potentially cause confusion for students taking both online and face-to-face AP courses.) All NCVPS AP teachers have created their AP Classroom sections (on the College Board’s registration site) and have provided the join code to all students enrolled in their section. AP Coordinators at face-to-face schools create “EXAM ONLY” AP Classroom sections and must provide the join code for that section to students. Joining the “EXAM ONLY” section is necessary for schools to order AP exam materials, but it does not grant students access to AP study resources for the course. NCVPS students must join the AP Classroom section associated with their NCVPS teacher in order to have access to valuable study resources.

AP Exam Fees

North Carolina requires students taking an AP Exam to be enrolled in the corresponding course in order for those students to receive state funding for their exam. Students solely enrolled in an exam-only section for a given AP subject won’t receive funding in this case. For example, students taking AP courses at a virtual school must be enrolled in both the exam-only section at the school where they’ll be taking the exam and a class section for the corresponding course through their virtual school. AP Coordinators at face-to-face schools should confirm that their students are enrolled in both the exam and class section to avoid having their school charged for the corresponding exam registration fees. AP Coordinators should have students not enrolled in the class section contact their NCVPS teacher immediately to get the join code.

Spring Block AP Courses

Students enrolled in spring block classes will not be able to join the NCVPS AP Classroom section until after our spring semester starts. Look for those details in January 2022.