Coston Daugherty NC Virtual Teacher of the Year

Coston Daugherty – NC Virtual Teacher of the Year

Raleigh, March 23, 2018 — Coston Daugherty has been named the 2018 NCVPS Online Teacher of the Year. NCVPS is extremely proud of her excellence in teaching as well as her leadership during her tenure with the organization. Please join us in congratulating her.

“Coston is the kind of teacher every parent wants for their child,” says Michelle Lourcey, NCVPS Chief Academic Officer. “She cares about the student as a learner, not just of her content, but what the student needs to be the most successful and engaged in her course. Coston knows the value of building the student-teacher relationship and connecting content to life.”

Coston attended East Carolina University on a North Carolina Teaching Fellows scholarship. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in General Science Education. She is currently enrolled at Lenior-Rhyne University in the Master Program for Online Teaching and Instructional Design.

Coston teaches standard and honors Earth and Environmental Science for NCVPS. She also serves as one the instructional leaders for NCVPS’s Teacher in Training and Practicum program. Coston completed the NCVPS Teacher in Training (TnT) program in 2011 and began revising NCVPS courses after that. In 2012, She taught her first classes for NCVPS. Coston has also in Wilson, Pitt, and Onslow counties.

“I am extremely honored and excited for the Teacher of the Year opportunity,” Coston says. “NCVPS has always been my saving grace as a military wife. One of the top issues military wives face is finding a new job every time you are re-stationed somewhere new. I have always said I am lucky to have this position and truly love my job!”

“Coston is all about doing what is best for each student,” says Jen Currin, NCVPS Instructional Director. “She meets students where they are in their learning and helps them to grow using their interests and skills. Whether a student is working in a lab at school each day, from home, or on the road as a traveling performer, Coston will work with the student one-on-one to make the learning experience a personal one. She is all about the students.”

As a skilled online teacher, Coston has practical advice for students. “The world does not owe you anything. You have 100% control of how you would like your life to turn out. The first step is to be as successful in school as possible. Students need to own their work and their responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to reach for something that seems unattainable.”

Coston is an experienced advocate for digital learning. “I have learned that online education is not a passing fad. Using the internet is now considered a life skill for students, and at NCVPS we provide opportunities for all students. NCVPS requires a lot from their teachers, and because of these rigorous standards, we are successful. I have better relationships with parents, students, and schools in the online arena than I did when I taught face to face. I honestly am a better online educator and found my niche with NCVPS.”

The NCVPS Teacher in Training program has been an important part of Coston’s online experience. “Coston is an amazing teacher,” says James Bell, NCVPS Professional Learning Coordinator. “Her role in the TnT program is that of a coach. It is her job to help prepare teachers to take the leap into online and blended learning. She holds NCVPS teaching candidates to the highest of standards and accepts no less than their very best. I am certain that those very values and standards that she maintains as an instructional leader and coach of TnT candidates are equally reflected in her NCVPS classrooms.”

“Strong teachers make successful students,” Coston says. “We have rigorous standards, but these standards allow our teachers to ensure that all students are reached and successfully taught no matter what challenges they face.”

Coston will now advance to the National Online Teacher of the Year competition where she will represent NCVPS. 2018 was the tenth year for the NCVPS Teacher of the Year award. NCVPS selects one teacher from a group of three finalists to represent the school as its Teacher of the Year. All of the 2018 finalists exemplified the highest degree in their commitment to student success, knowledge and skills as professional educators, and dedication to the NCVPS online program.

NCVPS would like to congratulate all of the teachers who were nominated by their peers for the award, and we would like to recognize the other two finalists:

Lydia Richmond – Credit Recovery English 1

Amy Lynn Rose – OCS English 1

The NCVPS selection process for the Teacher of the Year program is divided into four phases beginning with the call for nominations. Next, nominees participate in a blind selection process that starts with answering a series of initial questions on instructional philosophy and student-centered instruction. The selection committee then narrows the field to five candidates who complete a video presentation and a portfolio, which showcases examples of their approach to teaching and their beliefs about instruction. The selection committee interviews the top three finalists before the final selection is made.

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