ncvirtual super student aditya bMeet Aditya

“Taking Earth and Environmental Science with NCVPS allowed me to get that graduation requirement out of the way, letting me take more advanced courses of my choice. It also gave me experience with taking online courses, encouraging me to take more in order to learn new skills or supplement my face-to-face learning. Taking this NCVPS course also allowed me to participate in the Peer Tutoring Center which has opened up so many doors to me and has been an integral part of my life for the past few years.” —Aditya B., NCVPS Student

“Aditya’s understanding of technology is his greatest asset. Along with being the PTC’s hardworking Tech Support Lead and Team Lead, he is currently a member of the Lego FIRST Robotics Competition Team 900, while also working toward his A+ computer technician certification. Aditya is a member of Boy Scouts Troop 212, Key Club, DECA, and Student Council. He is also dedicated to the PTC’s Marketing Team and Writing Center while tutoring in math and CTE courses. Aditya’s work ethic contributes greatly to the Peer Tutoring Center and his industrious attitude toward all that he does.” –Elizabeth Seastrunk – NCVPS Teacher

Aditya’s NCVPS Experience: I took Earth and Environmental Science because I wanted to earn high school credit while in middle school and skip some required courses, allowing me to take more advanced courses in high school.

Aditya’s Online Learning Advice: Do assignments well ahead of time; don’t procrastinate. Especially with online courses, procrastination can hurt. Anything can happen, such as your internet going out or a certain website you need for a project going down. Leave plenty of time for these unexpected situations, and aim to complete your work well before the due date, instead of right before.

Aditya’s Semester Goals: A goal I had this summer was to study for and get a perfect score on the SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test. To work towards reaching this goal, I’ve spent a lot of time taking practice tests and reviewing my mistakes to make sure that I can get the score I want on the test. Another goal I had this summer was to self-study and get experience with the Robot Operating System (ROS). This is the industry standard framework for robotics software and automation so getting experience with it will be very valuable in my future plans. To work towards reaching this goal, I’ve signed up for some free online courses and just played around with it, testing different commands and nodes out.

Aditya’s Future Goals: My future plans are to attend a highly selective engineering school such as MIT or Carnegie Mellon and major in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science with a concentration in robotics, with the long-term goal of using my knowledge of robotics and entrepreneurship to found a company that makes a difference in society. To reach these goals, I am investing a lot of time into delving deeper into entrepreneurship, as evidenced by my participation in DECA and FBLA clubs, both of which I qualified for national/international competition. I am also supplementing my robotics knowledge with research into real-world scenarios. I am completing a research project on the applications of Human-Computer Interaction with the NCVPS Student Research Alliance.

Tidbits on Aditya: I am a member of FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 900, The Zebracorns. FRC is the highest level of FIRST, for high school students, where we build 150lb industrial robots. I am really passionate about this team and competition. It takes a lot of work and it is extremely stressful and time-intensive (I spend approximately 300 hours in the lab each year, with around 4 weekend competitions and 1 week-long competition each year), but it’s also extremely addictive and enjoyable. I also hope to pursue robotics as a future career so this is something that I am really passionate about. For the past 2 years, we’ve gotten eliminated at the state championship, and this year we’re aiming for the world championship. The best part about FRC though, in my opinion, is that it’s about more than just robots. I do a lot of community service, spreading my passion for STEM to many younger students in the local community. I also learned a lot about leadership by presentations to sponsors to holding workshops and simple presentations to the rest of the team. It truly has taught me a lot of valuable technical and soft skills, making me so much more prepared for entry into industry and the workforce, while also helping me discover my passion.

For Fun: Just like all teenagers, I spend a lot of time on YouTube and Netflix. I also follow basketball and football so I spend a lot of time online looking up sports news, watching highlights/games, and checking my fantasy teams.

I do like spending time outside. I love camping, hiking, and nature; it just allows me a sense of peace and makes me feel so comfortable. I volunteer a lot in the community in addition to the Peer Tutoring Center, helping out mostly with a lot of STEM-related events.