ncvirtual super student aisha m

Meet Aisha M.

“Taking this class online, on my own time, has allowed me to personally discover and reflect upon how my actions affect the environment. This class has also provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to address and combat complex environmental issues.NCVPS provides a great deal of resources to facilitate students’ growth and improvement.” – Aisha M, NCVPS Student

“Aisha is perfection in a student! She is detailed, organized and conscientious of all of her work! To add to this, she is also completing her summer course while in India for a family event! Talk about dedicated!!! She is a joy to work with and I look forward to her assignments because she always goes above and beyond the required rubric.” – Coston Daugherty, Honors Earth Science Teacher

Aisha’s NCVPS Experience: This semester, I am taking Honors Earth and Environmental Science through NCVPS, and this is the first NCVPS class that I have taken. I decided to take this class to reduce my workload during my senior year of high school. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my instructor offers a wide variety of assignments catered to different students’ learning styles; as a visual learner, for example, I was beyond happy to learn about topics through charts and graphics. Furthermore, my online teacher is great at communicating with my peers and I; not only do we receive immediate feedback on our assignments, but we can also turn to our teacher for any assistance we may need and receive a response shortly afterward.

Aisha’s Online Learning Advice: My number one tip for online learning success is to practice time management by designating a few, set hours of your day to work on your coursework. Online classes offer flexibility in terms of where and when you complete your work; this flexibility can make it easy to miss due dates or let some assignments slide. Thus, as an online student, it becomes your responsibility to take the initiative to create and follow a schedule. Become proactive, make a schedule, and stick to it!

Aisha’s Semester Goals: A goal that I have set for the end of this summer is to get my drivers license. I have been my mom’s personal chauffeur for days now, so hopefully, all this driving will pay off!

Tidbits on Aisha: Outside of school, I enjoy spending my time doing volunteer work and community service. Whether it be volunteering at the local food bank, or helping out with events at the nearby mosque, I love getting involved in my community to help promote positive, lasting changes! As president of the Interact club in my school, a club dedicated to discovering the power of ‘service above self’, I am further able to deep dive into my community service endeavors.

In today’s increasingly connected world, being able to communicate and connect with individuals who speak other languages is vital. I speak three languages fluently (English, Urdu, and Hindi) and am working towards learning Spanish and Arabic. In school, I serve as the president of the Spanish Honor Society; serving as a leader of this institution has allowed me to further develop my spoken Spanish fluency. Throughout the school year, I also volunteer as a beginner-level Arabic teacher for children in my local mosque, an activity which I find incredibly fulfilling. Not only am I able to help children learn a completely foreign language, but teaching Arabic also strengthens my understanding of the language as well.

For Fun: My favorite book (currently – it is always changing!) is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. This book takes you on a heart-wrenching journey following the lives of two women of vastly different upbringings, who find themselves in the same inexorable circumstances in war-torn Afghanistan. Hosseini’s writing is so utterly raw and eye-opening – I find this story a timeless masterpiece. In terms of movies, I love watching romance movies and action movies! I am also a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Iron Man is my absolute favorite! I am a huge foodie – I love tasting different cuisines from all over the world. Coffee and bubble tea are my all-time favorite drinks!

In my free time, I enjoy working in my bullet journal and writing calligraphy. My bullet journal is a great tool for me to track my experiences, write down my thoughts, and set goals for my future; bullet journaling has helped boost my creativity and has inspired productivity in my life.