Super Student Angelina N.Meet Angelina

“I decided to take courses through NCVirtual because I knew that my family and I would be moving in my eighth-grade year, and we felt that taking online classes would help me adjust better to the situation by not having to change to a new school for just a short period. Taking courses through NCVirtual also provided flexibility to my schedule that enabled me to spend more time on extracurricular activities, such as piano.” –Angelina N.

 “Angelina’s work ethic is her greatest asset. She has been an integral part of the Peer Tutoring Center (PTC) since December 2017. Along with tutoring students in various AP, Math, Science, English, and Spanish courses, Angelina serves as a Co-Lead over the Virtual Buddy program and as Co-Editor of TutorTalk, the PTC’s online blog. As if this is not enough to quench her desire to serve, Angelina created a student organization, “Believe to Achieve,” to provide tutoring services to local disadvantaged communities. She is also quite the accomplished pianist! Well-rounded and grounded. Angelina is a stand-out Super Student!” –Elizabeth Seastrunk, NCVirtual CTE Teacher and Peer Tutoring Instructional Leader

Tell us about your online experience.

I have taken Spanish I, Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, Math III Honors, Civics Honors, and English I Honors with NCVirtual. 

Taking these courses helped prepare me for the more advanced courses that I have taken and am taking in high school, including higher-level Spanish classes, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry. 

Although taking only online classes in eighth grade was a drastic change, I enjoyed the flexibility that it provided me. I was able to complete assignments at my own pace throughout the week, depending on my schedule, and the online learning environment also helped me to develop independent learning skills. 

What’s your advice to other online students?

My advice to other online students would be to write out a full schedule for completing each week’s work at the beginning of every week. Having a written schedule to stick to makes it less likely that you will forget assignments and holds you accountable for completing them. I would also like to encourage students to reach out for assistance if they need it; learning virtually can feel rather isolated in some ways, but course teachers are usually only a text message away, and the tutors in the PTC are always willing to provide academic assistance and encouragement. 

Tell us about your time outside of school.

Outside of school and volunteering, I play the piano, which is something I have been doing for over eleven years. Even when I’m not playing piano, I enjoy listening to music of all genres, from classical to mainstream pop. I also like finding ways to stay active, such as by going out on runs or simply walking my dog.  

In my free time, I enjoy watching YouTube videos; some of my favorite types of videos to watch are conspiracy theories and food-related content. I also enjoy spending time on Goodreads browsing new book releases, logging my own current reads, and expanding my to-read list because I’m a big reader. 

To relax, I enjoy reading books of all genres, from fantasy to non-fiction. I also enjoy journaling, practicing my hand-lettering skills, and spending time with my family. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series because although I have not read the books in a while, I loved the fantasy world that Rowling brought to life on paper. The creativity and ingenuity of the characters and plot never fail to amaze me. 

At school, I have been part of the scientific research team since ninth grade; I enjoy investigating real-world problems, designing experiments to test solutions, and carrying out those experiments in the lab. In my community, I have also had solo piano recitals at various venues, including libraries, churches, and senior care homes to share my love for music with others! 

I performed as a soloist on the radio show From the Top in June 2019, and I also presented at my school’s TEDx event in September 2019. 

Tell us about your goals and plans.

A goal I had for this semester was to stay motivated and keep up my work ethic even with the distance learning situation. In order to achieve this goal, I have been writing out to-do lists for myself everyday so that I don’t forget tasks, and I have been attending my teacher’s extra help sessions when needed so that I can solidify what I’m learning. However, I have also been making time to relax because I strongly believe that balance is key to having a positive mindset! 

In the future, I would like to pursue a career in the medical field because not only have I always wanted to be a doctor, but the ongoing pandemic has further inspired me to positively impact others by assisting with their health. I have already taken and am taking classes that provide necessary skills for a career in the medical field, including physics, biology, and chemistry. I would also like to do more research on specific medical areas so that in the future, I can select a path that interests me most. 

Personal Notes

I enjoy traveling to different places and learning about new cultures through firsthand experience. I have been to Italy and visited both Rome and Venice. I have also been to China a few times to visit relatives, and I traveled to Cancun, Mexico, with my family last summer. Within the U.S., I have been to many states (mostly for piano-related events), including New York, Ohio, Texas, and California. 

Recently, I started my own student-run organization, Believe to Achieve, which is dedicated to providing students from low-income families with free online tutoring services. We have been collaborating with local organizations to help support the education of their students even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.