Brendon E. Super StudentMeet Brenden E.

“In taking this NCVPS AP course, I was surprised about how there is a large community within the online courses that allows me to connect with other students and teachers all over the state. I feared I would have no assistance in these classes but that was not the case.” –Brenden E.

“Brenden is the only student from his district taking AP courses with us this year! This trailblazer demonstrates the initiative, determination, and grit all AP students should strive to emulate.” – Diana Shaw, NCVPS Lit and Comp Teacher

“Brenden is on top of this course! He has stayed on pace and always asks relevant questions. His responses to his peers posts are inquisitive and encouraging! He’s a true asset to the course!” – Lisa Ross, NCVPS AP Human Geography Teacher

Brenden’s NCVPS Experience

I am taking NCVPS courses because I wanted to take AP classes that were not offered at my high school; my goal is to pass the AP tests for my AP literature class and AP Human Geography. Passing these tests will give me college credits to give me that head start into my 4-year school. I am thankful for these online classes as they offer me a chance for college credits my school cannot offer.

Online Learning Advice

I’d suggest not being afraid to ask questions. The instructors are open to questions, and they even offer virtual meetings if needed.

Semester Goals

A goal of mine this semester is to apply to colleges that offer an environmental science degree. Doing this I got accepted to my dream school; NCSU told me I was accepted to the school of natural resources last week, and I was thrilled to hear this.

Future Goals

My future plans are to graduate NCSU as an environmental scientist and to find a financially stable career in something I’m passionate about. I chose environmental science to broaden my horizons for that right career.

Some Extra

My favorite online sites include: YouTube, BBC news, and Quora. These sites generally help me with class work as they are informational and just interest me personally. On these websites I can pinpoint topics I’m interested in and learn more about them such as environmental science and technology. My favorite musician is MF doom, he is a rap artist that uses intricate rhyme schemes and abstract wordplay. Personally, I just like how unique and unusual his rap is in comparison to the modern rapper.

My hobbies include fishing and hunting and I’m very interested in environmental science; I’m passionate about climate change and Earth’s future. I want to become an environmental scientist to combat this global issue.