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Brogan O 1Meet Brogan

“With Covid-19 many educational camps that I would be doing during the summer are closed, so I thought [Honors Earth and Environmental Science] would be the perfect opportunity to get ahead in my education.” – Brogan O.

“Brogan is the most thoughtful, proactive student I have had the pleasure to teach in some time. She always works well ahead of deadlines and is diligent to take advantage of multiple attempts on assignments that allow it. She stays in contact and is very respectful in her requests for any modifications or extensions. Her parents trust her to self-advocate and do not track her progress themselves, but conference with her regularly so that she can share her workload to avoid family event conflicts and to report her grades and reflections. She is an Earth Science GEM!” – Marie Moss, NCVirtual Honors Earth and Environmental Science Instructor

Experience with NCVirtual 

This Earth and Environmental Class is the first class I have taken with NCVPS. With my regular classes being online, I knew I could handle another online course. 

Taking this course has advanced my education because after taking this course I will be able to take Botany and Zoology Honors and Chemistry Honors at my high school. It has shown me that time management skills are an important and valuable asset. With the class being asynchronous, I was able to be flexible with how my time is spent. 

Some advice I’d give to other students is to keep up with your work and complete an assignment correctly the first time because it doubles the amount of work when you have to complete it again correctly with the grade you want. 

Life Outside of School

In my free time, I love to sing. I am in my A Capella club and upper-level choir at my home high school. I also volunteer at my local food bank every week, and pick up food from my community to give to the food bank every month. Also, I am a cheerleader and have been for almost 4 years. 

I just completed The Darkest Minds series, and right now I am reading the Shatter Me series. I really enjoy it so far.

Fun Facts

My favorite snack is probably popcorn and sweet tea-lemonade.

A random fact about me is that I am dyslexic. I found out a few years ago, and it runs in my family. However, it does not stop me from getting good grades; it only makes me ask a few more questions. 

Current & Future Goals

Going into this class, I wanted to complete it with a high A and that is exactly what I did. I worked ahead and caught up if necessary, and did a lot of research. 

My future plan is to take it one step at a time. That’s something I’ve told myself during this class and for a long time.

Personal Notes

I have a small dog named Pippa. And, after the last 2 years, Covid has taught me that something that I could not live without is seeing my peers and friends.