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Christani G.Meet Christani G.

“Taking an online course or courses changed my education, because it enhanced my ability to contact my instructors to remain engaged, and allowed me to self-teach.” – Christani G.

“Christani is perhaps the most positive and enthusiastic student that I have had the joy to teach. Her recordings are so upbeat and energetic that they always make me smile. Regardless of minor setbacks, Christani always rededicates herself and strives to do her best. She loves the language and culture which is reflected in her work and attitude. Teaching Christani this semester has been a ray of sunshine.” – Patricia Lipsey, NCVirtual Spanish IV Honors Instructor

NCVirtual Experience

I have taken African American Studies Honors, English 3 Honors, and now Spanish 4 Honors. The interactive and excellent online setup of the NCVPS classes led me to take an NCVirtual class.

Being able to heal, learn more about myself, and creatively engage with my peers has been a pleasant surprise.

Advice for Online Students

My advice to other online students is to stay in contact with the instructor, and ask many questions. With the public disconnect that the pandemic has uprooted, it is crucial for the success of the student, teacher, and class to stay in contact, stay engaged, and to give it your all.

Personal Life

I have had big moves in my life. This has in fact impacted my mental, and emotional health, so in my free-time I like to practice self-care. This includes a wide array of mental, emotional, and physical rejuvenation. After the detrimental death of my Grandmother Rose (who dually passed away from COVID-19 and Congestive Heart Failure), I realized the importance of holistic health care, and my personal health. I cook and bake all of my meals, wholly unprocessed. My favorite snack is tahini and fresh carrots!

My favorite movie is Monte Carlo with star actress Selena Gomez. This is because it shows what it is like to unapologetically live.

I am passionate about people, and reminding them and myself alike that we are chosen, we are loved, and we are beautiful.

Future Plans

By God’s will, I aspire to major in nursing and go on to get my DNP and become a Nurse Practitioner. Or go take my BSN to medical school!

My goal this semester was to love myself harder; in the way Jesus does so endlessly and fervently. My goal for the future is the same; to unapologetically live. Loving Jesus & his beloved people, and myself more and more is my ultimate goal. I am constantly trying to step into my purpose that God has set out for my life.