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Super Student CJ MMeet CJ

“I wanted to take a Latin class at my brick-and-mortar school, but there was not an option for that, so I signed up for the NCVPS class. I enjoyed and learned more in this class than I could have ever imagined. I really enjoy how there’s a weekly class and the structure of homework and the planning is all up to me, it gives me a feeling of independence. Before taking the class, I only knew that Latin is what Romans used to speak and that nobody speaks it now. I have only taken the Latin 1 class, but I plan on taking other classes or even having NCVPS as my primary school.” — CJ M.

“CJ is amazing. He comes to every live class, turns on his camera, participates, makes jokes, and really is the life of the live class party. Recently, his dad accidentally cut the cable hookup to their house. So this past week, CJ was in a corner in the public library, earbuds in, eating dinner, and tuning into live class so he could be with all of us. He truly goes above and beyond to participate in the class, and his grades are excellent.” –Shara Packman, NCVirtual Latin I Instructor

CJ’s Online Learning Advice

My advice for others is to attend the live class and take notes, The class is sometimes late (mine was at 7 and that’s usually my bedtime), but boy are they helpful. The notes will really help for when you are confused, and you feel like your teacher discussed that in class, but you are not sure what your teacher said.

For the Love of Music

I really enjoy playing music. As someone who deals with focus issues, a creative outlet is essential for my function as a person. I play guitar, drums, bass, and piano. I really like Metallica and Joe Satriani.

I could not live without my guitar. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II LE, and if I couldn’t have that, there would be nothing to satisfy the void that its absence created.

Semester Goals & Future Plans

My goal for this semester was to have all As, which I currently have in 3/4 of my classes.

I want to be a comedian. I have taken classes at the groundlings and studied under Judd Apatow. I would be absolutely thrilled to be a cast member on SNL.

Fun Facts

I run a bike shop in my parent’s garage, and I have had dozens of happy customers.

I don’t eat packaged snack food, but when I do, I like Goldfish. I also love The Office.