ncvirtual super student emily gpMeet Emily G-P

“I began taking NCVPS classes in eighth grade with the intention to get ahead on my high school course requirements for more room in my schedule later on.” — Emily G-P., NCVPS Student

“Emily has a heart for many areas of the PTC. She is an active tutor, Virtual Buddy/ELL co-lead, and a team lead. She has also done presentations to share the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center vision in the 2018 NCVPS Open House sessions. Emily’s focus on helping others is evidenced by making sure that students learn the skills that they need to succeed in the online environment. As a Virtual Buddy, she motivates and encourages students to develop a sense of accomplishment through time management and organizational skills for success. She is a Super Student by reaching out to our NCVPS community as well as her local community by volunteering her time and skills. She is an outstanding youth leader.” — Kim Loudermilk, NCVPS Teacher

Emily’s NCVPS Experience: I took American History 2 and since then have taken Spanish 2 and Earth Science. I was thankful for the flexibility that NCVPS classes provided. With a busy & packed schedule, NCVPS gave me the opportunity to balance my schedule. While I currently am no longer taking any classes with NCVPS, I work closely with the Peer Tutoring Center as a Peer Tutor, Tutor Lead, Virtual Buddy, Virtual Buddy Lead, English Language Learners Tutor, and English Language Learners Lead Tutor. Working with the Peer Tutoring Center has been beyond rewarding. The groups I am a part of are wonderful and this truly has been an amazing experience!

Emily’s Semester Goals: A goal I have set for myself this semester and always set for myself is to do the best I can do. While cheesy, it helps to not put too much pressure on me but to still set reasonable expectations and goals for myself each semester. Every semester, I try to create a schedule that will help balance out school, work, and my social life. This helps ensure I am spending the right amount of time on each activity.

Emily’s Future Goals: The future is always open to change. I am a Senior in high school but will also be graduating with my Associates in Science this year. I intend to use these two years of Gen-Ed credits to my advantage. Currently, I am applying to college for a degree in Nursing. After receiving a degree in Nursing, I intend on pursuing Medical School or a Master’s in Nursing. The field of medicine always draws my attention, and I am certain I will pursue a career in medicine. My goal is to impact the world in a positive manner through medicine.

Tidbits on Emily: Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the U.S. once stated: “Nothing in this World can take the place of persistence”. This is one of the quotes I live by. Persistence is key. I intend to complete all of my goals.

For Fun: In my free time, outside of work and school, I volunteer weekly at the hospital as a career in Medicine is one of my biggest goals. The medical field intrigues me and I intend to study Pediatrics. I am the President of the Book Club at my school and reading is one of my biggest passions. My Favorite Book is Small Great Things.