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Super Student Emily G.​Meet Emily

“When I decided to go to a ski academy for a winter term, I was not able to take classes from my local high school. My parents heard about NCVirtual and thought it would be a good choice. These online courses are more advanced and challenging than the classes I took at my regular high school.” – Emily G.

“Emily is the essence of responsibility. While at ski school, she not only produced exemplary work but also contacted me if there was a conflict with deadlines and competitions. Reading Emily’s work is a confirmation that she has used her intellect and discipline to absorb all that her previous and current teachers have taught her. I smile when I click a document to grade and see Emily’s name.” – Monica Wilkerson, NCVirtual English II Honors Instructor

Experience with NCVirtual

I have taken PreCalculus, Civics and Economics, Spanish 1, Biology, Art in World History, and English 2 through NCVirtual. I was surprised by how accessible the teachers are, even though they have many students, and some are working from different time zones.

My advice to other students would be to pay attention to the pacing guides and try to get all your work in at the recommended time. This will make the end of the course easier.

Life Outside of School

In my free time, I play tennis, read, watch movies, run, and spend time with my friends. My favorite TV show is New Girl because it is very funny, and cheers me up when I’m sad.

My favorite snack is Wheat Thins, topped with goat cheese and fig preserves.

One item I could not live without are my skis.

Fun Facts

I am good at throwing things like grapes and chocolate chips up in the air and catching them in my mouth!

I have two cats named Tiger and Ginger. I enjoy gardening, and especially growing cactus.

Emily G. in action skiing.

Current & Future Goals

A goal I had this semester was to improve in my ski racing. To achieve this goal, I skied almost every day, exercised, and participated in many races.

My future plans are to go to a full-time ski academy in Vermont this fall. One of my goals for this summer is to run a road race with my Dad, called the Bear. It is a five-mile race to the top of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.