Super Student Emma NMeet Emma

“I plan to become a veterinarian.  Since I was young, helping animals has been a passion, so a vet is my dream job.  To help reach this, I plan to attend college, either at NC State or UNC, then veterinary school, at NC State, to achieve my DVM title (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). A goal that I had this semester was to land in the top 5 of my class.  To work towards this goal, I have studied diligently and upheld an excellent standard for my work.”  –Emma N.

Emma is a well-rounded student. She first joined the Peer Tutoring Center (PTC) in March 2020, right when all school closings due to COVID-19 started. She began her service to the PTC with a bang and has never ceased to impress. In addition to tutoring, she serves as her PTC Team’s Co-Lead, a Virtual Buddy, and presented at several NC Virtual Open Houses sharing the various programs and services the PTC offers. Emma is an accomplished tennis player holding the title of 2A Dual Team Tennis NC State Champion! She is always willing to lend a helping hand, and her bubbly personality is infectious! We are fortunate to have Emma as a part of the PTC family!” –Elizabeth Seastrunk, NCVirtual CTE Teacher and Peer Tutoring Instructional Leader

Tell us about your experience with NCVirtual.  

 During my sophomore year, I experienced health issues and became homebound for a period of time.  I wanted to continue taking rigorous classes, but my in-person school could not support all of them via remote learning, so they directed me to add additional classes via NCVPS.

 I have taken AP Calculus AB and AP English Language and Composition.  I am currently taking AP Calculus BC and AP English Literature and Composition.

Upon beginning online classes I realized how connected remote learning can be.  Texting teachers questions, having discussion chats with peers, and utilizing the PTC make even online learning seem social.

Taking an online course advanced my education in the way it expanded my opportunities to different courses.  In addition to this, it led me to become an NCVPS peer tutor.

To other online students, stick to pacing guides! Staying on top of work and developing time management skills is essential to success.

What is life like for you outside of school? 

I really love watching Netflix and online shopping! Although I love being online, I enjoy being outside, either walking my dog or exploring my city with friends.

My favorite movie is Heathers.  I love classic teen movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club, but Heathers is definitely my favorite.  It shows such a satirical and sarcastic view of high school, I LOVE IT!

I participate in Key Club, Interact Club, Jr. Civitans club, and Crosby Scholars via my school and of course the Peer Tutoring Center at NCVPS.  Outside of school, I have always loved playing sports and exercising, tennis is my favorite.

To relax, I love yoga and Pilates, especially outside.  I also like going on long drives with music and friends.

Tell us something random about yourself.

I can juggle!

 What’s your favorite healthy snack or healthy smoothie?

My favorite healthy snack is any kind of fruit, but I have a massive sweet tooth!

Personal Notes

I have done almost any sport, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, dance, golf, softball,… you name it!  My all-time favorite is tennis, and I played #3 seed on my high-school team as a freshman, the year we won the 2A state championship, and #1 seed my sophomore year.

I have an ADORABLE dog named Jif.