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Super Student Eric C.Meet Eric

“This year I am taking English, Math, and P.E. virtually. Because of COVID, my parents thought my safety came first. Online courses made me do more work, but I met good teachers who help me more. My teachers are great. I share my favorite things, and they do too. They always tell me how good I am doing. I do my best for them.” – Eric C.

“Eric has such enthusiasm for learning, especially during a challenging school year. He messages me every day to share his thoughts about what he has learned from the daily announcement. He works hard to complete his assignments on time and has a passion for movies and vocabulary!” – Ashley Rennie, NCVirtual Blended English 3 Instructor

Eric’s Advice to Other Virtual Students

Work hard, do your best. As long as you do that, be proud of it.

Outside of School

I love movies, spending time with my family, and going on adventures. I also love to cook with my mom. I bowl and play baseball with my friends and am looking forward to summer camp.

I am a member of several clubs: Big buddy for Innovative Approaches, a Parent group for children with special needs. I am in National Honor Society, Beta, as well as National Technical Honor Society. I am an usher at The Birthing Place Ministries. I volunteer throughout my community planting flowers and helping the elderly.

Personal Interests

I love all types of books and music, and my favorite movies are animated. I could not live without MY MOVIES! I love people, church, family, and friends. My favorite place is the beach.

I’m autistically amazing, I remember everything, especially about movies. I LOVE MOVIES. I love to make others happy.

My favorite snacks are fruits: bananas, pineapples, and strawberries.

Goals & Future Plans

I want to keep making straight As. I have only had one B in my life. I worked really hard to keep my grades up.

At home, I want to be more independent, so I can get ready for college. I am what my mom calls “awesomely autistic.” I learn differently, but I can do anything I try hard to do. This year, COVID made learning hard for me because I do not like change. I really miss school, friends, and going out. My asthma keeps me home because of the virus. Mom is teaching me to do things like shop, order my medicine, and keep track of money so when it’s time for college I can do those things. They are hard, I get frustrated, and even forget. Mom reminds me there are consequences like not having what I need. But she tells me she loves me and knows I can do it. And I can.

I want to be a movie director. I want to go to college away from home in California.

Final Thoughts

Spend all the time you can with loved ones. Life is fun, live it!