Super Student Jonathan RMeet Jonathan!

“By taking online courses through NCVirtual, I was able to enroll in high school courses over the summer semester and take courses that were not available through my high school. For these reasons, I have had more opportunities both inside and outside of school that will better prepare me for my future career in software development.” – Jonathan R.

“Jonathan is an important part of the NCVirtual Peer Tutoring Center (PTC). He is an awesome and reliable peer tutor with a 5-star rating as well as our Tech Support Lead, a Team Lead, a presenter in our NCVirtual Open House, and a member of our Marketing Team. He has developed many pertinent videos and promotions to share with students, teachers, and the public to help them navigate our PTC programs and services. Jonathan is willing to lend a hand whenever we ask him to help with a project. Not only does he do a fantastic job, but he does it in a timely manner! Jonathan’s current project is helping revamp the PTC 100 Canvas Course, which will be completed soon. He is an amazing young man, and we are proud to have him in the PTC.” – Kim Loudermilk, NCVirtual Success 101 Teacher & PTC Instructional Leader

Jonathan’s Online Experience

I decided to take a class through NCVirtual for two reasons. As a student, I first wanted to challenge myself to become an independent learner. In addition to growing as a student, I also wanted the opportunity to enroll in classes that I would not have the chance to otherwise. For example, both Computer Programming I Honors, and Python are courses that are not available at my local high school but are available through NCVirtual. Taking these courses gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on these content areas through a robust but straightforward platform.

Through NCVirtual, I have taken Computer Programming I Honors, Spanish II, and Python.

In addition to the remarkable structure of NCVirtual courses, taking NCVirtual courses has also led me to opportunities that I would have not known about otherwise. For example, after completing Computer Programming 1 Honors, I was able to volunteer for the Peer Tutoring Center at NCVirtual, giving me the opportunity to tutor students in math, science, and CTE courses. I have also had the privilege of joining and leading the NCVirtual Coding Club, an entirely virtual software development club.

Advice to Online Students

If you are a new or existing online student or a student in general, I would recommend creating a weekly planner and/or schedule to manage your personal and academic life. I create daily to-do lists and schedules to ensure that I can prioritize and achieve academic goals. I would also utilize the NCVirtual Peer Tutoring Center’s resources that can be used for any of your online and in-person courses.

Life Outside of School

In my free time, I enjoy the opportunity to tutor students through the NCVirtual Peer Tutoring Center, serving on the leadership team at the NCVirtual Coding Club, and being an active member of the National Honor Society and the Beta Club at my local high school.

Along with a team of student developers, I have built a working Android application called College Atlas.

Future Goals & Plans

One of my main goals this year was to challenge myself with my academics. To work towards my goal, I have registered for multiple AP courses through my high school and multiple online courses through programs such as NCVirtual and NCSSM.

Currently, my goal is to have a career in software development. Currently, I am working towards a career in software development by enrolling in programming courses such as Computer Programming 1 Honors, AP Computer Science, Scientific Programming Honors, and Python programming. I am also learning about software development through other mediums such as the NCVirtual Coding Club.

Fun Facts

Although I don’t have a favorite snack, I do enjoy eating grapes.

Figuratively speaking, I could not live without the internet, a device to connect to the internet, and sweet tea.