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NCVirtual Super Student Katherine PMeet Kat!

“One thing that led me to take an NCVirtual Class was the great things I heard about the learning environment at NCVPS. I knew that I wanted to take Spanish II this semester instead of waiting next semester, so I took the opportunity to take Spanish II through NCVPS. BEST DECISION EVER.” – Katherine P. 

“Kat is an amazing student!  She is a hard worker and not only does she do her work well but always puts forth her best effort as well as she asks great questions showing she really wants to learn and understand so she can use the language she is learning.  She also reflects on and shares about what she is learning regarding cultural information and is excited and truly engaged with our coursework!  A joy to teach and to chat with whether via text or inbox messages, etc.” – Fanella Tague, NCVirtual Spanish 2 Instructor

Online Experience 

I have only taken Spanish II through NCVPS, but taking an online course advanced my education because I learned to become independent in completing my work. The teachers gave you the due dates, and it was then up to the students to complete it. This made me more accountable for myself. 

A pleasant surprise about my NCVPS online course is that instructors truly want to create relationships with you and get to know more than your academic life as a student. Most students would think that online teachers are all work and seriousness, but that is not the case. NCVPS teachers enjoy talking to you about your weekend or your hobbies, and that is really nice. Señora Tague is one of the most genuine and helpful teachers I have ever had, and the confidence she has given me in my speaking skills of Spanish is immeasurable. She was always there for me when I was confused about a question or concept, and she even went beyond sending me links to helpful videos and websites. That was something that a teacher had never done for me before and it was so greatly appreciated. I was also pleasantly surprised that NVCPS offered peer tutoring. Near the end of the semester, I joined the PTC and the Virtual Buddy Program.

Advice for Other Online Students

Treat the class exactly how you would an in-person class. Set a timer on your phone for how long the actual class would be in person and work for that amount of time. This helped me not go on my phone while I was working and stay focused. Also, communicate and get to know your teachers. Creating personal connections with your teachers helps with the learning process so much because you feel that you can reach out and ask your teachers for help at any time. Lastly, stay on top of your work. Do not slack on your work just because it is an online course. Honestly, work ahead if you can. It will make your life so much easier at the end of the semester. 

Life Outside of School

In my free time, I love to play tennis and beach volleyball. I also enjoy painting and playing the piano. I love to read and sing. My favorite book is “The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller.

Something interesting about me is that I am ambidextrous. My favorite snack is cucumbers and hummus. 

One item I could not live without is my car. My car’s name is Roxie, and I absolutely love her. She allows me transportation to travel and go to new places as well as getting me to school, so she is essential in my life. If I did not have my car, I would not be able to visit my brother at college or drive to the beach or the mountains, and that would be miserable. 

Goals & Plans for the Future

A goal I had this semester was to be nominated for North Carolina Governor’s School. I worked very hard this semester taking rigorous courses, and I worked a lot with my community to help me reach this goal, and I ended up getting nominated, which was a huge accomplishment for me. I was so honored and thrilled to be nominated, and I just turned in my application. I also still have the goal of finishing all of my classes this semester with a high A.  I am studying hard for exams and making sure that I stay on top of all my assignments to achieve this goal. 

After high school, I plan to attend a four-year university and major in Biomedical and Health Sciences Engineering with a concentration in regenerative medicine. I am dual-enrolled at my high school and community college, and I am working on completing my Associate of Science by the time I graduate high school. This will help me be ahead in my freshman year of college, and it will give me experience as to what my course load is going to be like as an engineering major. 

Personal Notes

My nickname is Kat and I love to travel and meet new people. The top three places I want to travel to are Madrid, Spain, Tuscany, Italy, and Athens, Greece. 

I play tennis and softball at my high school, and I am the President of Key Club, Junior Class Representative of SGA (Student Government Association, member of Math Club, and a member of NHS (National Honor Society).