NCVirtual Super Student Nathan LMeet Nathan L. 

“I do better in online classes, and it worked out well in my plans to graduate a year early! I’ve taken Math II, Civics, AP Geo, English III Honors, and I’m currently taking French.  I usually have trouble staying attentive in physical classes and I get distracted/become restless very, very easily. With online classes, I’m able to get up, walk around, get a drink, etc. anytime I can, so it was a really big surprise when I took my first online class and actually remembered everything I was taught that day since I was able to take breaks when needed.” -Nathan L.

“Nathan is an outstanding student. He has worked consistently and has excelled with assignments. He is polite and respectful at all times and engages with his classmates well. His work is creative and well-crafted. He has written about challenges he has faced and been transparent with his classmates and me. I always look forward to reading his submissions!”  -Stephanie Wallace, NCVirtual English Teacher

Nathan’s Online Learning Advice

Sign up for as many classes as you can, take advantage of the classes offered online, and keep track of everything. 

Nathan’s Semester Goals

I wanted to pass with a high grade, of course, to help out with my GPA and early graduation, but I’m also very interested in creative writing and learned a few things from my English class, and gained an understanding of how the government worked (and how our country functioned on an international level) with civics. 

Nathan’s Future Goals

I plan to graduate from a notable college in Canada and live out life peacefully as a biomedical engineer in a more rural area with maybe 50 huge dogs and some bees. Taking the steps now to graduate early and get into a renowned college with high grades and a few scholarships under my belt knowing what I’d like to do as a career is a good start. Following through with college and achieving every small goal on the way (buying a house, making enough to afford pets’ continuous needs, etc.) is part of achieving that dream.

Tidbits on Nathan

I’m a part of an art club and was looking at joining a few others before quarantine hit (speech and debate, creative writing, starting NHD).

I have nearly 20 posters on one wall and plan to spread it to a few more walls. My largest is a Queen tapestry with the Night at the Opera cover!

I’ve been drawing for a few years now and have a professional tablet and drawing program. It’s my best skill, and I’m very proud of how far my art has come (from Doctor Who fan art to full multi-paneled, fully detailed, and colored original comics).

For Fun

I watch YouTube, but the majority of the time, I just spend my time online drawing, writing, or watching those two hour-long deep-dive documentaries!

The Iron Giant is probably my favorite movie, mostly for nostalgic reasons, but Snowpiercer and Interstellar (along with like 50 horror movies) also hold a special place in my cinematography-loving heart.