Super Student Raj A.

Meet Raj A.

“Taking a class online opened my eyes to the opportunities available during the summer. NCVPS classes allowed me to advance on my credits and higher my GPA when others might have not even known it was an opportunity.”  -Raj A

“Raj will leave a legacy through his dedicated tutoring and consistent service in our Peer Tutoring Center. He has a long service with the PTC with four years of service. He has amassed 1,073 service hours at this time. He has tutored various levels of math, science, CTE subjects, and Spanish as well as participating in many of our PTC programs, like TutorTalk, Marketing, and Content Development. This multi-talented student has been an invaluable asset, and we wish him well as he moves on to UNC-Chapel Hill.”  –Kim Loudermilk, NCVirtual Teacher

Raj’s NCVirtual Experience

When I originally took my first NCVPS class, I was looking to get ahead on my credits. The first class I took was during the summer before my ninth grade year as I was transitioning to high school. Until high school, there weren’t many choices you could have on the classes you signed up to take. The core classes were required as were many of the electives for my school. I looked into taking an NCVPS class because I wanted to get ahead on my high school path and prepare myself for higher curriculum. The very first class I took was Math 2 Honors. It was through this class that I was first introduced to the Peer Tutoring Center. Since then, I have taken many courses including Civics Honors and AP Government and Politics.

Raj’s Online Learning Advice 

The best thing about taking online classes to me is the pacing. NCVPS classes are often organized into modules and I enjoyed the fact that you could work ahead at your own pace. Also, I really liked doing discussion board assignments because they show you how your opinions stack up with your peers.

Oftentimes many students have nothing to do and are looking for opportunities over the summer. I would highly recommend looking into NCVPS courses because they allow you to work at your own place and obtain credits. Also, even during the school year, NCVPS classes are an outlet you can often go to when your schedule may not work out. Personally, I took a lot of AP courses and my schedule was often full and inflexible. When I can’t take classes at my high school because of this, NCVPS classes are often an option.

Raj’s Semester Goals

My goal throughout this whole year has been to get accepted into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have grown up visiting the campus when my sister went there and I have always imagined myself going there. Luckily, I was recently accepted into the university. I worked really hard throughout all four of my years as I boosted my standardized test scores, improved my GPA, and looked to participate in more extracurricular activities. I also started my application process very early such as my essays, so I had enough time to make sure they were perfect.

Raj’s Future Goals

At UNC Chapel Hill, I also received assured admission to the Gillings School of Public Health. I am looking to major in Environmental Health. I know for sure I want to do something in the health field and, hopefully, in 10 years I will be done with medical school and close to becoming a doctor.

Tidbits on Raj

I am a huge sports fan! Anytime when I don’t have work to do you can find me watching a sports game or playing outside with my friends. I like all sports but football and basketball are my two favorite. I grew up in Maryland so my favorite sports teams are the Washington Redskins and Washington Wizards. I love going on the ESPN website because it gives me a way to follow my teams.

I have participated in Science Olympiad since I was in second grade. I enjoy getting new events and having the chance to compete and learn at the same time. Also, I do a lot of volunteering as a member of our local Fayetteville Rotary Club. We often raise money for hurricane relief, make sandwiches for the Salvation Army, and do other volunteer work.

For Fun

My favorite movie of all time is definitely Inception. I like movies which are somewhat informational yet have a good plot. Inception was extremely deep and although some people found it confusing, I really enjoyed the concept. Also, we watched it in my AP Psychology class, so we had just learned about many of the psychological topics they talked about. My favorite book series is Harry Potter. I have read them three times, and they are really interesting every time I read them. I like how deep the plot is and how there are so many characters yet it is centered around Harry. I also enjoy watching the movies.