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Super Student Shruti A.Meet Shruti!

“Taking online classes has been a pleasant surprise as I love how the class is structured. Being able to see all the material at once was overwhelming at first, but very helpful as I could work ahead whenever I had the time. Along with that, the percentages of the assignment weightage were different as now there was less of an emphasis on tests. In my in-person school, the actual assignments weigh close to nothing while the tests are worth so much! Being able to focus on the content and practice assignments is a lot more helpful so that I can actually absorb what I’m learning.” – Shruti A. 

“Shruti logged the most tutoring hours this summer; served as a Team Lead and started an environmental project called New Normal.” – Kathryn Michel, NCVirtual Social Studies Instructor and Peer Tutoring Center Instructional Leader

Shruti’s NCVirtual Experience 

I took an NCVirtual class because I wanted to take Latin and my school didn’t offer it. In class, we always learned about Greek and Latin roots, so I wanted to learn the language to see what it would be like! I’m interested in the biomedical field and knew that knowing Latin would help out with that! It turns out to have been one of my favorite classes! The teachers and structure of the class are so flexible, and I love being able to work without due dates and the pressure of having to memorize everything! 

Other than Honors Latin III, which I am currently taking, I have taken Latin 1 and Latin 2 from NCVirtual and they have both been a blast! 

Taking online courses advanced my education because I loved having the freedom of working at your own pace, having all the material available, and being able to work ahead whenever possible. I enjoy learning Latin because it is so different, but at the same time, so similar to English, especially with the vocabulary. In my in-person school English I is a lot easier as I can infer the meaning of a word based on its Latin root. 

My advice to other students is to stay on top of things and attend the live classes. I had trouble staying on pace when I first started the online class, but after a few weeks, I got the hang of it and started working ahead. One of the reasons I was able to learn the content ahead of time was because of the live classes! They are so helpful and often can answer all your questions! 

Life Outside of School

After school, I am usually at marching band where I play the flute, but I also play piano and violin. I also enjoy watching TV, my favorite shows are Brooklyn 99 and The Office. Aside from this, I am also in a lot of biomedical-related clubs/fairs at my school and love researching. I have also been learning Indian classical dance for the last 9 years! 

My favorite show is The Office because it’s a show my sister and I watch whenever we are together. She introduced it to me when I started high school, and it has become a show that we watch whenever we are together! It also is really funny and a great show to watch when we need to unwind or just relax. 

When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with solving Rubik cubes. My record on a 3×3 Rubik’s cube was around 2 minutes, but I worked my way up to solving a 9×9! 

Goals & Plans

One goal that I have this semester is to finish Latin III before 2021 ends. Even though the class technically ends in the beginning of 2022, I don’t want to have any lingering work remaining for the new year. I’m working towards this goal by staying ahead of the class by at least 1 week and working on time management skills so that I can balance school, sports, clubs, and Latin! 

My future plans hope to take me to UNC Chapel Hill after high school, where I want to study biomedical engineering or a research-related medical field. I am trying to reach this goal by taking biomedical classes at my in-person school and working hard to maintain a GPA that will allow me to go to Chapel Hill!

Personal Notes

My favorite snacks are chocolate chip cookies and ice cream! I could not live without my puppy, Chikki 🙂