Sylvia S Super Student

Slyvia S. NCVirtual Super Student

Meet Sylvia S

“The NCVPS Latin II course has been my favorite class throughout my whole academic career. I am so glad I had the opportunity to take it.”  –Sylvia S.

“Sylvia has a very curious and inquisitive mind that drives her to pursue knowledge beyond the bounds of the online curriculum.  She seeks perfection in her work, communicates her questions regularly, and has taken a leadership role by volunteering for the Peer Tutoring Center. Only in 8th grade, Sylvie is demonstrating a high level of understanding of our Latin II curriculum.” –Chad Timm, NCVirtual Latin II Instructor  

Sylvia’s NCVPS Experience

I wanted to take a language for my high school credit, but I wasn’t interested in either Spanish or French. So, I decided to take Latin. Because my school couldn’t offer Latin II in person, I was able to take it online.  I was then introduced to NCVPS. In the course, I was able to work ahead, allowing me to choose which assignments I spent more time on. That really took some of the stress off. 

Sylvia’s Online Learning Advice 

Use everything your teacher gives you as a resource, and take lots of notes!

Sylvia’s Semester Goals 

One of my goals for this year is to branch out in terms of my reading. I have always been a fantasy nerd. Many of my teachers have tried to get me to branch out.  It has not worked. However, this year I have mixed in realistic, historical, and science fiction. 

Tidbits on Sylvia 

My family loves to travel. I have been to Europe several times. My grandmother is Italian and both my aunts are Italian professors.  My family has a talent for languages. My mom is fully fluent in Italian, and partially in Spanish and German. I am a cellist, and I have been playing for about 7 years. I also sing in an all-girls choir. I am a member of Model UN at my school. 

For Fun

When I’m outside of school, I love to read, sing, take walks with my dog, and binge-watch my favorite sitcom (The Office, Parks and Rec, How I Met Your Mother). I am a big reader, so I have many favorite books. I have my childhood favorites, like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Gregor the Overlander. As a teen, I love any book by Sarah Mass or John Green, and pretty much any fantasy novel ever.