ncvirtual super student zoe b

 Meet Zoe B:

“Taking an online course has honestly been extraordinary! I initially believed that it would be an exigent experience over the summer, but that was an extremely erroneous belief.” – Zoe B., Math 2 Honors Student

“Zoe has worked consistently since the course opened. She does very well on her assignments and is not afraid to reach out and ask for help if needed. She overcomes obstacles on her own and takes the initiative to troubleshoot and work around technical issues on her own. She is a very polite and conscientious young lady. She is one of those students that stand out based on her performance and shines as a student. A true pleasure to watch grow!” – Michelle Barnhill, NCVPS Math 2 Honors Teacher

Zoe’s NCVPS Experience: I take Math 2 Honors. Almost everything about this class has been pleasant! The thing that was so pleasant about this experience really had to do with me. By this I mean that I had a realization that it’s not a requirement to take this course, however, it provided a challenging environment, required me to use time-management skills, and increases communication with my instructor and peers. I have cognized that I really do enjoy math and the class has become gratifying, I look forward to waking up to work on math!

Zoe’s Online Learning Advice: My advice to other online students would be to relax and take your time; it is a real course and it is serious but – it is okay to slow down and reread or rewatch. Communicate with instructors; I probably email my instructor at least twice a day if not more. Don’t be afraid to mess up. I have made so many mistakes in this course and just in life but you always have a chance to change those mistakes if you want it bad enough! My final piece of advice is to pace yourself but don’t procrastinate.

Zoe’s Semester Goals: My goal this semester was to not just learn the material but to understand and be able to comprehend it. There is an immense difference in just taking notes or test, and actually being able to decipher the information. Another goal I had this semester was to be able to share the information I’ve learned, by this I mean, being able to help others with questions or things they’re unsure about.

Zoe’s Future Goals: My future plans include, Lord willing, is to be a Marine Biologist. Optimistically, I would like the next ten years of my life to be me working in the job I’d love to have, and thriving anyway possible; whether it be through my life or through someone else’s. The occupation I have chosen to pursue is one that many people don’t understand why I have chosen it. I explain to them that yes, the ocean is scary because we barely have discovered it. But what I really love about the ocean is that anything is possible, imagine the things we could discover! A possible cure to certain illnesses could be found, and most likely by mistake. I could be a small piece of a pursuit that could change the world and help so many people, instead of getting paid to do this job – I would pay somebody to do it! My future is something I am so passionate about doing well in and I really believe that academics are what will get me there.

Tidbits on Zoe: I enjoy volunteering by serving others. From my school and other schools, to church, or in my community; volunteering is an incredible and life-changing thing for me. I am actually in the process of planning a volunteer project for my town and I just think volunteering is the greatest thing you could do for others and for yourself.

For Fun: When online, I usually spend my time on the Ultimate Guitar Tabs website just looking up electric guitar tabs and practicing for what seems like endless amounts of time.

My favorite book is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. My ideal music to listen to is rock, yacht-rock, or even alternative styles of music. I prefer older songs and bands, and I am not sure why but I feel as though I can connect or relate to those songs. The movies I enjoy are all types, but my favorite movies are sci-fi and superhero movies.

Traveling is a huge part of my life, although I’ve only traveled outside of the U.S. in the last two years – it has been eye opening! The places I’ve traveled include Spain, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Saint Martin. Traveling to these places has taught me so many valuable lessons! The best lesson it has taught me is that there is so much out there and I just want to see it all. I don’t think I could ever get tired of immersing myself into different cultures and ways of living.