report card iconWe will post our first progress report for Fall 2020 on September 10, and we have a few action steps for you.

Download the report and view the Comments field on the far right of the spreadsheet. For some students, our teachers will be requesting information that they have not yet received from schools, such as IEP modifications and updated parent contact information.

IEP Modifications – If you marked “yes” for IEP/504 modifications when enrolling a student, our teachers will be reaching out to you for their modifications.

If students with an IEP of 504 were not marked “yes” in the registration system, please update their status and notify the NCVirtual teacher.

Parent Contact Information – We task our teachers to have regular communications with their students’ parents or guardians. However, our teachers often find the contact information in PowerSchool is not accurate. Please help our teachers find update-to-date parent contact information. Our teachers will be reaching out to you, as we rely on schools to provide that information. We are sure your school will need current parent contact information, too!

Student Help: Overcoming Initial Confusion – Many parents and students were confused at the start of the semester. Students weren’t sure if their classes were online with their local school, the district’s virtual academy, NCVirtual, or some combination of the three. Most students understand where they are supposed to be now, but we know some are overwhelmed.

We have a number of steps to help those students. If you know the student is struggling, please reach out to the NCVirtual teacher and let them know about the student’s situation. Our teachers will help them catch up. Also, have the student use the Peer Tutor Center to connect with a “virtual buddy” or tutor. A link to the Peer Tutoring Center is on the homepage of every course.